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4 Young Entrepreneurs Who Prove Age is Just a Number


4 Young Entrepreneurs Who Prove Age is Just a Number: It’s safe to say that entrepreneurship has blossomed over the past decade.  In the era of internet and technology, young people are more inclined than ever before to have an idea and be willing to build a business around it. 

4 Young Entrepreneurs Who Prove Age is Just a Number

For those up-and-coming business leaders who are looking for inspiration and encouragement, this list of successful entrepreneurs may provide just that.  

Cassandra Nordell – William Standen Co.

Cassandra Nordell’s path to entrepreneurship began at a young age when she was exposed to the ins and outs of running a business at her parents’ excavating company in Sarnia.  Today, she is the co-founder and CEO of William Standen Co., the first certified eco-friendly custom cabinet provider in Southwestern Ontario. Cassandra is a firm believer that good design can inspire people to change the way they live.  Today, she leads the fourth fastest-growing consumer services and construction company in Canada.

Afzal Habib – Kidogo

Afzal Habib left his six-figure salary at the Boston Consulting Group in Canada, where he advised Fortune 500 clients, to inject more meaning in his career. Afzal’s journey took him to Africa, where, in just one year, he founded Kidogo, a fully functional social enterprise with 22 staff. The company was designed to provide high quality and affordable early childhood development programs to poor developing-world communities. By setting up full-service “hubs” in targeted communities, certified teachers can provide training, marketing and curriculum support for micro-franchised “spokes” created by locals in smaller, nearby villages.

Brian Paes-Braga – Lithium X

Born in Vancouver, Brian Paes-Braga was working as a broker when the father of a school friend told him about a lithium mine in Nevada.  After recognizing lithium’s potential, especially in relation to electric vehicle batteries, Brian pitched purchasing the mine to Vancouver resource and film financier Frank Giustra.

In 2015, Brian Paes-Braga launched his company Lithium X Energy Corp.  Lithium X paved the way for small-cap natural resource speculators to gain exposure to electric vehicles during the consumer electric battery boom.  In just two and a half years, Brian and his team successfully raised approximately $53 million before he sold Lithium X to an international company for $265 million, the same day of his 30th birthday.

Tonia Jahnshan – Steeped Tea

Hamilton, Ontario native Tonia Jahshan was staying at a Bed and Breakfast when she was served a cup of cream of Earl Grey tea. She was so blown away by the taste and smell that she decided to start her own tea company, Steeped Tea,  In 10 years, she has built a loose-leaf empire with annual sales of more than $20 million (and growing) and 9,000 salespeople peddling tea and accessories across North America. In 2016 she earned the No. 1 spot on Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs ranking.

For these young entrepreneurs who learned what it takes to turn a hunch into a massive business, the road to success is nothing more than a clear vision, an appetite for risk, and the know-how to make changes along the way.

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