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5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Dads of All Kinds


Father’s Day

Dads are the best. They may say they don’t want anything for Father’s Day, but fathers don’t always know best. Keep Dad feeling loved and appreciated by finding just the right gift for him this Father’s Day. Keep reading for 5 Father’s Day gift ideas that any dad would enjoy.  

1. A Used Motorcycle

Let’s be honest. Almost all dads have dreams of riding. For people who have dads interested in a used motorcycle, Father’s Day may be the perfect time to splurge. Motorcycling is a manly sport. Motorcycles can take Dad away from the stressors at home for a relaxing daytime ride in the country. Gas prices are rising, and Dad may appreciate that a motorcycle can be an economical way to commute to and from work.

2. New Technology

Dads love technology. Consider buying Dad a new phone since he is usually the last one to upgrade. Indoor security cameras are another item that dads can appreciate. Many models include a speaker and a microphone and send suspicious activity alerts to an app. Dads also like anything energy-saving and “smart.” Consider smart thermostats and smart plugs, which allow Dad to easily control everything from the heat to the lights throughout the house.

To power, all of the technology, consider buying Dad a new fast wireless charger. Tile stickers or iPhone tags are great for Dad to stick to his wallet or on his keys. He will never have to spend time searching the house to find these again.

3. Photo Gifts

Dads love pictures of their loved ones, especially when they are at the office or traveling out of town. Consider turning some of those great family photos into a personalized gift. Photo calendars make great gifts for Dad to keep at the office. Each month he can look at fun memories made from the year prior. As Dad drinks his coffee each morning, a coffee mug with a family picture will remind him how much his family loves him. Photo coasters, custom magnets and mouse pads can also be the base for pictures of loved ones. The options are endless.

4. Deep Tissue Massager

If Dad doesn’t already have one of these, now is the time to get it. Dads work hard and get sore muscles. These handheld massagers work out any knots, kinks, or trouble spots with different rotating heads. Each head is specific to a need or area of the body to ensure that Dad gets the deepest massage possible. After a long day working, Dad will love to come home to this fantastic tool.

5. Beer of the Month Club

If Dad loves to enjoy a cold beer on the weekends, signing him up for a Beer of the Month Club may be just the right gift. Sometimes dads don’t get to try new things or splurge on themselves because they are busy taking care of the family. Knowing that a new beer is coming each month will have Dad excited for the weekend. Dads can choose from different styles and origins to find a taste just right for them.  

Dads spend their lives taking care of their families. Father’s Day is a day to treat them to something special. Think carefully about what kind of things Dad enjoys, and select a Father’s Day gift that is thoughtful and fun.  

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