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5 Major Types Of Injuries You Can Suffer In A Car Accident


Let me start this article by giving you a statistic that is sure to capture your attention- 30 Million!

30 million is the number of people who are injured in car accidents every single year in the United States. The nature of injuries in car accidents in the US can range from minor scratches to life-threatening brain and nerve damage injuries.

While attempts are being made by governments and automakers to promote safety, car accidents continue unabated. People must be aware of some of the injuries that can be sustained in car accidents.

If nothing else, reading the list of injuries can at least encourage them to adopt a safer approach to driving the vehicle and obeying road manners.

Major Types Of Injuries You Can Suffer

Car Accident

What determines the Seriousness of Injuries suffered in a Car Accident?

You might have heard about someone walking away unscathed following a horrendous crash while others being wheeled into the ICU just after running into a street light pole. Have you ever stopped to imagine why does this happens?

According to doctors at the Miami Gardens accident injury clinic, the seriousness of the injuries suffered in a car accident depends on the following factors-

  • Were the occupants in the car that have been injured wearing seatbelts?
  • What was the point of impact of the accident and from which side?
  • What was the kind of speed that the car was doing at the time of the accident?
  • Had the airbags been deployed at the moment of impact?
  • Who was the automaker and what was the specific make and model of the car?

As you can see from these points or questions, a lot depends on determining the nature of the injury. If you have answered in the negative to most of the questions, you know that it was a serious crash resulting in grievous injuries.

List of the 5 Major Types of Injuries you can suffer in a Car Accident

  1. Cuts and Bruises-

Thankfully, a majority of car accidents result in small cuts, bruises, and scratches for the occupants of the car. The common way these cuts happen is through the broken windshield or door windows that snap because of the impact of the crash. Drivers can also get small bumps to the head because of the head ramming into the steering wheel column.

  1. Muscle and Ligament Strains-

Car accidents result in body parts getting stretched to more than a permissible limit. This means that your muscles, bones, and connective tissues get stretched because of the snap impact of the crash. This is still not a very serious kind of injury. You will be able to recover from the same quickly. You might need to take some muscle relaxants and antibiotics to aid the process.

  1. Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries-

These can range from simple to very dangerous. If you have suffered an injury to the brain or spinal cord you need to take the best medical care on offer. Any laxity on this part is you acting reckless and risking your life. While injuries to the brain might not have an external or physical show, there might be internal injuries that can be life-threatening in nature.

  1. Chest and Breast Bone Injuries-

The chest is an important part of our body, as much as the brain. It protects everything from the heart to the lungs. Injuries to the chest are more common for the driver simply because of the steering column. Injuries in this regard can lead to rib bone fracture, ruptured lungs, or obstructions to the esophagus. This can become quite a serious cause for concern.

  1. Injuries to the Hands and Legs-

Lastly, our common human reaction to stopping anything from hitting us is raising our hands. This is something that can be both preventive and dangerous at the same time. Hands can bear a major impact and suffer from fractures. But they could also protect us and our body organs from getting seriously impacted because of the injury.

The Bottom Line

No matter what kind of injury you suffer from, if you have been involved in a car accident, you need to check into a medical institution. This is because in some cases, car accidents might lead to internal body damages like hemorrhage or bleeding. It is best to stay insured and go for the best doctors at all times.