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A guide for South Indian bridal jewellery


A guide for South Indian bridal jewellery: South Indian weddings have a lot of ceremonies and since it’s almost blasphemy to repeat jewellery, there is a ton to shop for when it comes to jewellery. If you’re a South Indian bride-to-be, you may start feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of items you have to purchase. But fret not this guide is to help you understand which items to purchase and the correct occasion for each.

A guide for South Indian bridal jewellery

Maang Tika

Worn in the partition of the hair, Maang Tika is a classic staple. There are dozens of designs to choose from but South Indian brides are partial to gold, temple jewellery and maang tikas with the loops. The important thing is to match it with your clothes. 

Necklace and Harams

Neck pieces are the mandatory pieces in the bridal look. You can choose from chokers (close to the neck) or long set of harams like kaasu mala, maanga mala, mula mottu mala. South Indian brides who love their gold have been known to wear more than 12 neck pieces on the wedding day. 

Vanki/Baaju Bandh

The arm band is also a staple in South Indian weddings. They look pretty good with a puff sleeve and elbow length sleeve blouses and Kanjeevaram sarees. Again, gold is a winner here. Gold with stones and diamonds are a close second. 

Hair jewellery

Most South Indian brides have pretty long hair and choose to braid it on the wedding day. Usually you will see flowers in their hair but for their wedding, they also purchase hair jewellery like hair crowns, embellished clips and more. 

Nose Ring/ Nose pins

Nose rings are also part of the norm in South India. But, if you have never had a nose piercing, you don’t have to get one. You can opt for press type nose rings and pins. 

Waist Belt

Don’t worry, the waist belt has nothing to do with WWE championship where the winner is awarded a cummerbund. The waist belt is also extremely functional for brides who want to make sure that their sarees, jewellery and hair is in place.  


South Indian brides favour temple jewellery, umbrella jewellery in gold earrings for their wedding. If you’re unsure of what to buy, look at websites that have 2 gram gold earrings models to go for a light-weight approach to your wedding. 


Bangles are also a necessity for weddings. Gold, metal, glass, diamond are available and can be worn for the occasion. However, make sure it matches your saree.  


Apart from the engagement and wedding ring, South Indian brides are also experimenting with other designs. If you’re a gold lover, check out some gold ring designs online to make an informed choice. 


Heavy anklets look best when you have a toe ring also. Lighter anklets can be worn for other ceremonies. Previously, silver was the metal of the choice but now you can also buy anklets in gold and in Kundan. 

Anklets are much important for your bridal attire. The heavy ones look the best when the toe ring is put on you. Choose lighter ones for other ceremonies. Earlier silver was the chosen metal for anklets and toe rings. Now you have beautiful options in gold and also in Kundan.

You can use this as a guide to the South Indian bridal look. Or, just choose diamonds as your best friend and ditch the gold.