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A Simple Guide to Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification


Amazon is one of those companies that have a huge impact on the world. It is constantly introducing new technologies and solutions that are making life easier for many people. It is mostly known for its online store, but this organization has also started to gain recognition for its AWS platform. Various companies began to use AWS and that is why they need those specialists who can work with this technology. If you plan to start a career in this domain, it is recommended that you go for an Amazon certification. There are many certificates you may choose from. In this article, we are going to talk about the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. Well, let’s dive right into it http://www.certbolt.com .


The important thing that you need to know about the Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate is that it is designed for those individuals who have a basic understanding of AWS Cloud and want to demonstrate their skills and knowledge related to this field. It is recommended that the applicants have at least 6 months of experience working with AWS Cloud. Moreover, they should possess a comprehension of IT services and their usage in AWS Cloud http://www.exam-labs.com .

Exam Details

If you plan to earn the Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification, you need to nail one test, which is CLF-C01. To prepare for this exam, the professionals should get familiar with its details. The test has the time frame of 1.5 hours and comes with 65 questions (there are two types of questions: multiple choice or multiple response). The passing score is 700 points on a scale between 100 and 1000. The registration fee is $100. The specialists can take Amazon CLF-C01 at the testing centers or from their houses/offices as an online proctored option. The available languages include Japanese, Korean, English, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, French, Italian, German, Indonesian, and Chinese (Simplified).

Career Opportunities

Getting the Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate can help you greatly in your career and this is the important reason why people go for this certification. There are many companies that are looking for the reliable experts who can work with the AWS Cloud platform. Some of the positions that the certificate holders can consider include an Enterprise Service Manager, a Project Manager, a Solutions Architect, a Technical Program Manager, a Data Architect, a Customer Solutions Manager, and a Solutions Engineer, among others. The average salary outlook for these job titles is $87,000 per year.

Final Thoughts

Although Amazon CLF-C01 is a foundational-level certification test, you should still be pretty serious about your preparation process. You may find some study tools on the official website. These can be training courses, webinars, technical documentation, and study guide, among others. Furthermore, you can consider the resources proposed by the 3rd-party platforms. Just select the materials according to your preferences and goals. All in all, work hard and ace your exam to earn the Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certificate.