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Actress Amanda Peterson Death Cause(1971 – 2015)


A news covered by Chopnews Team Actress Amanda Peterson Death Cause, Amanda Peterson was found dead at her Colorado home after an accidental overdose of morphine.

She was 43 years old when she  discovered dead in her Greeley, Colo. home on July 5, 2015. According to , Peterson died from an accidental overdose of morphine according to the Weld County Coroner’s Report.

Peterson is best known for her role as the romantic comedy Can’t Buy me Love in 1987. However, she used morphine medication from a friend to relieve pain, according to the Weld County Coroner’s report published Wednesday by The Greeley Tribune.

Actress Amanda Peterson Death

People has confirmed that Amanda Peterson , the actress best known for her role as the heroine in 1987’s You Can’t Buy me Love, died suddenly in 2015. According to Greeley Sheriff’s Office, she charged with DUI and possession of narcotics equipment on May 3, 2012.

March 10, 2010. According to a police report, Peterson  taken into custody for third-degree assault after a fight in Fort Collins, Colo. According to the officer, Peterson appeared “intoxicated” and was “slurring her words” after she had been drinking at a bar earlier with her daughter and her boyfriend. Peterson’s boyfriend claimed that Peterson on medication for bipolar disorder, ADD and n’t supposed to drink.

In 2000, 2003, and 2005, the troubled starlet  also taken into police custody. The actress is almost unrecognizable in her mugshots. One picture shows that she has a dark eye.

People obtained records from the Sheriff’s Office and found that she was in jail for nearly three months in 2005. She taken into custody in September, and released in December.

Sylvia Peterson, her mother, said Entertainment Tonight that although she had struggled with drug addiction when she was younger, her daughter was now clean and has been so for many years. She also stated that this was not a drug problem.

Sylvia also spoke to People, stating that she believes her daughter’s sleep disorder may have contributed towards her death. She also shared some final moments with her daughter.

Sylvia stated that her daughter was “in bed” and had enjoyed a great day. “So it was just a very large surprise.”

She also remembered her daughter, Annie who made her big-screen debut, as someone who was “just so much fun.”

Amanda Peterson said, “She was so amazing.” Amanda Peterson  said that she had a great sense of humor and a passion for history. “She was a very, very cute person. She remembered by fellow actors, such as Can’t Buy Me Love costar Patrick Dempsey.

Dempsey said on Twitter: “In my memory she will always be vibrant, young. Too soon. Amanda’s family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Ryan Hartsock, a photographer who photographed Peterson’s final photo shoot 2012, said to People she was “kindhearted.”

Who Was Amanda Peterson

Amenda Peterson is best known for her role as the romantic comedy Can’t Buy me Love in 1987.

“She had the most beautiful smile. He said that it made her smile when she received all the fan mail and emails from everyone. She was an amazing person, kind and generous every time we were together.

There were several prescriptions that the actress had for medication related to heart disease and lung disease. Gabapentin  also prescribed to her for pain relief after a hysterectomy.

She died of respiratory failure due to an overdose of Morphine, according to the toxicology report. Mark Ward, Weld County Coroner, stated that Peterson has not had any recent prescriptions for morphine in his medical history.

Ward stated that she wasn’t an experienced user of opiates. Ward said that the combination of her heart disease and morphine intake led to a fatal outcome. Her system also contained trace amounts of legal marijuana in Colorado.

Peterson made her first film appearance as a dancer in 1982’s Annie, directed by John Huston. She would make several TV appearances, including an episode with Ricky Schroder on Silver Spoons.

Peterson next seen in film as Ethan Hawke, Peterson’s crush in 1985 Sci-Fi comedy explorers. She was, however, a sweet and unattainable girl in Can’t Buy Me Love that captured Gen Xers’ hearts.

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