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Addiction Treatments: How Can I Recover?


Addiction Treatments: How Can I Recover?: Once a person decides to regard that he/she is suffering from substance dependence or from compulsive behaviors, he/she will soon want to recover and be free from addiction. This is the first step, acknowledgment. The second step is understanding the totality of your current condition and situation, and finding what recovery or treatment program works best for you.

Addiction Treatments: How Can I Recover?

There exist several treatment options available to people. There are different types with different techniques as some programs may not work for others even if it is what some have gone through for recovery. 

You can find the different types of programs and approaches to recovery in this list:


Detoxifying consists of cleaning the body from a substance and lessening withdrawal reactions that may cause a revolting feeling for the patient. In substance abuse cases, this is usually the first step in treatment programs. Detoxification is done through medication and, more recently, electronic devices that create electrical pulses for the nerves and relieves one from withdrawal symptoms.

Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes offer to cater to people with addiction as an inpatient treatment center while also being a home that helps you return to your normal life for a specified number of months depending on the program. People describe sober living homes as an adventure recovery since most types of treatment programs in sober living homes include group recreational and fitness activities like running and hiking that promote perseverance and courage that is needed for recovery.

Treatment Medications

To aid an individual in the detoxification and the whole recovery process, patients may be advised to undergo medical treatment through prescription medicines. A variety of medications are prescribed depending on the patient’s specific needs. Some medicines are intended to manage cravings and disorders that come with this certain addiction and to reduce withdrawal symptoms.


There are various types of therapies specifically for treating addiction and its different kinds. These therapies are recommended and coordinated by addiction counselors. Therapies that will be recommended to patients are based on their health conditions and behavioral patterns. Some of these therapies are biofeedback therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, experiential therapy, holistic therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and more.

Spiritual Treatment

Faith-based treatment, for some people, can be what works well for their recovery. There are rehab centers that focus on applying a spiritual approach in their programs. A spiritual approach is offered by this faith-based treatment and groups of individuals who share the same perception on the effectiveness of this approach also contribute to the recovery process as they support one another through this journey of recovery.

Support groups

One of the most common treatment programs that people participate in is support groups. Although, support groups are usually recommended after a more intensive treatment program has been undergone by patients. It helps in keeping patients consistent in their goal of recovery. Moreover, knowing that others are also going through the process of recovery and are striving to fully achieve a better and fully recovered life may also help people to keep persevering and being inspired throughout the recovery.