Home Entertainment Agnisakshi 23rd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Agnisakshi 23rd February 2023 Written Episode Update

Agnisakshi 23rd February 2023 Written Episode

Agnisakshi 23rd February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode opens with Satvik holding his hand out. Manas asks him what’s in his heart and asks him to smile.

Satvik laments how even his goals had been crushed; even he wanted to get married one day. He says if Udkarsh dada had been present, then he would have been delighted about Sup and my marriage.

He adds that it’s fortunate I didn’t take her name because otherwise there would have been complications. He acknowledges it is an unusual union; both bride and groom know it requires compromise over 6-7 months.

Aadhya contacts Rajnandini to inform her of an occasion supervisor’s inquiry regarding expired wine orders for Juhi and I. Rajnandini expresses her fear that friends might find out and it could lead to insulting her or Papa questioning me.

Aadhya offers suggestions as what can be done; Rajnandini would like some time to think things through before making any decisions. She tells Sukanya she needs time but will return later and speak with her privately; Sukanya seems nervous at this thought.

Narayan was about to open and read the letter when Dr. Megha and her husband arrived at his doorstep. Narayan expressed his appreciation for them coming, explaining that he wasn’t sure if the invite had been sent on their behalf; thus he called them personally and expressed that Rajnandini might be delighted to meet you.

Megha says she feels no less than a star because so much attention is paid to her work. Narayan affirms Rajnandini lives for others instead of herself, while Manas praises Pallavi and Pradeep’s dance efficiency as they perform onstage together.

Finally, Narayan brings Dr. Megha backstage for Jeevika to speak with. Dr. Megha recognizes Jeevika and acknowledges her rescue of Narayan. Dr. Megha remarks on Jeevika becoming your bahu, adding with confidence, that their hearts are calm and truthful in her presence.

He concludes by thanking Dr. Megha for saving their daughter-in-law; adding with assurance: it will be a bright future together! He’s sure Jeevika will take their home ahead. Dr. Megha appreciates him for understanding and accepting the problem; Jeevika may get uncertain. Manas praises Rajnandini and Juhi’s efficiency during a dance.

Juhi attempts to speak to Rajnandini but Rajnandini says my temper is sweet – asks her not to spoil it. Juhi emphasizes how important music is while Rajnandini states nothing is more essential than music itself. She sees Dr Megha in person and asks what she is doing here; Juhi replies she needs to inform about her.

Narayan admits he didn’t understand. Megha informs him that Dr. Ashok informed her you weren’t willing for surgery until your son Satvik agreed for marriage. She further adds that you need your family moving forward and look forward to playing with your son’s kids.

She asked, ‘Didn’t you understand that…Rajnandini left the stage’? Jeevika asked what she meant by that statement? Dr. Megha replied that Jeevika had experienced an accident. Manohar then joined his associates in welcoming Jeevika to their circle, taking her around to meet others as well.

Narayan inquires of Dr. Megha what she had told him, and Dr. Megha is about to inform him when Rajnandini comes in and requests that he go get his medications; it was her mistake for not providing them on time.

Narayan states that he used to be speaking with Dr. Megha; Rajnandini promises she’ll speak to her too; she calls Aadhya and sends Narayan along with Megha back along with herself for their meeting.

Pradeep enters and spots Satvik. He inquires what he’s up to; Satvik replies that he came here to make an important name. Pradeep responds that even he came here for conversation as he has his own community skytalk channel.

Satvik confirms this by asking if preparations have been made properly. He apologizes to him for misunderstood him before, noting that although you come from two distinct backgrounds, you both share similar understanding, opinions, values and ethics.

He adds that he had never seen Jeevika so contented before. Dr. Megha asks Rajnandini why she stopped seeing her. Sukanya comes and says Dr. Megha is here, and she feels nervous for Jeevika as Narayan provides cradle to Jeevika.

Rajnandini needs to speak to you but Juhi keeps asking me multiple times; your sister is essential and my daughter unimportant; therefore I must speak to you right now. Rajnandini asks Dr. Megha to stay until after fixing her issue and invites Sukanya back into her orbit again.

Pradeep wonders why Jeevika seems so happy even after accepting the wedding reality and whether she has compromised her life by not learning about marriage from his book.

He speculates on whether Jeevika should learn or ignore these rules for happiness in marriage. Jeevika returns home, and Aadhya asks her to join them. Narayan arrives and Jeevika inquires if he spoke to Dr. Megha; Narayan replies that Rajnandini will speak to her later.

Aadhya expresses her joy at having two bhabhis now while Narayan assures them you will feel right at home in our home.

Jeevika insists she’s coming as both bahu and beti, with no plans of altering their agreement. Narayan warns there may be some distinction, Aadhya will likely test you, but Jeevika vows never to leave even when Bappa says so.

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