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American Wrestler Roxanne Perez Wins Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge


American Wrestler Roxanne Perez is currently the mainstay of social networking sites. She is also the subject of intense dialogue between everyone, having won the title of Girls Iron Survivor Problem during WWE’s NXT, on 11 December 2022.

This is a great pleasure. Booker T, the “WWE Corridor of Fame”, was also there and was happy for her after she won the match. Nearly everyone is eager to learn more about her. Below you might find all the details you need.

Roxanne Perez Wins Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge

American Wrestler Roxanne Perez

According to various stories, the bizarre occasion between Perez and Kiana Hames and Cora Jade and Zoey Stark was extraordinary. Indi Hartwell won the event and the crowd recognized her achievement.

Although it was quite surprising that she achieved this feat while winning the contest, she isn’t very fashionable and there are presently huge searches for her title so that her admirers can find out all about her. Because nobody wants to miss out on their favorite one.

Who is Roxanne Perez?

According to reports, Roxanne Perez, alias Cara Gonzalez, was born fifth November 2001. She is from America and is often called a knowledgeable wrestler.

Perez was an integral rocker at Ring of Honor, as she was the first ROH Girls’s World Champion under the ring title Rok -C. She was also a former NXT Girls’s Tag Crew Champion before she won the most recent one.

Perez was supported by Booker T at the first time she decided to sign with WWE. Her curiosity was piqued by the ring and she is now creating the milestone.

Since the news of her accomplishment was shared on social media, uncounted people began sending her congratulatory messages and wishing her luck with more matches.

They’re also praising Booker T for his help. She made her dream come true under his supervision. It’s quite common to feel emotional when she receives the title.

We have discussed such details and we will replace you when it comes to the forefront. Or you might go to her profile. Stay tuned with chopews

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