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Antony Starr – New Zealand Actor


Antony Starr is an egotistical paranoid maniac who uses his power to destroy society instead of fighting for justice or truth. Starr is one of pop culture’s most iconic villains.

Antony Starr
Antony Starr

Antony Starr is an actor from New Zealand

Starr, a New Zealand actor, has been involve in the entertainment business since the 1990s and has starred in numerous movies and shows, including Banshee.

Although he started his acting career in minor roles, the 46-year-old quickly rose to prominence as a TV actor. He is currently The Boys’ Homelander on Amazon Prime Video.

also played a small role in Without a Paddle. He was also part of Outrageous Fortune’s local television series.

Starr has received numerous awards for acting abilities, including the Qantas Film & Television Award in 2005. Starr is also a recipient of the Air NZ Screen Awards and TV Guide Best on The Box.

Since the 1990s, he has been in the entertainment industry. His first role was that of a thief in the movie Xena: Warrior Princess. He has also played Jethro and Van West in Outrageous Fortune and Lucas Hood as Banshee and Banshee, respectively, in Cinemax.

Antony Starr was a star of “The Boys.”

The Boys attempts to criticize the current obsession with superheroes. Amazon Prime’s original series is based on the comic books by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

Homelander is now the leader of the Seven as the series progresses. Despite his public image as a noble hero, he is an egotistical and megalomaniacal tyrant.

He has a scar on his head.

Angus Cloud is the star of HBO’s Euphoria. His forehead is scarlet. 

The story behind this scar is genuine and not something you see on screen. Angus sustained a severe injury that nearly killed him in 2013.

In a new interview with Variety, he opened up about his scar. Here’s how he did it.

BuzzFeed reported that the 22-year-old actor claimed a six-year-old dog attack caused the injury. However, he doesn’t blame the dog. Although he isn’t afraid of dogs, he has never liked rottweilers.

Antony Starr has a son

Antony Starr is a father to his character, Homelander, in “The Boys” on Amazon. Becca Butcher is his spouse, and he has Ryan Butcher (Cameron Crovetti).

Homelander and Ryan become closer as the show progresses. In one scene, he calls his son “my little boy.”

Ryan feels uncomfortable when people gather around him after a while.

He panics. Homelander notices his panicked state and takes him to the airport.

A Starlight follower accidentally hits Homelander in the head with a piece of metal. He is furious.

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