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Au Vodka Launched In US: Speakeasy Co. Announced

Au Vodka Launched In US

Au Vodka is very popular vodka brand in united kingdom. People are fond of this vodka brand. It is owned by Charlie Morgan and Jackson Quinn. Au vodka comes in many flavors with a flashy, classy-looking glass bottles. Now, a good news is that Au Vodka is launched in US as well.

Au Vodka Launched In US

Speakeasy has been selected as the UK’s top super premium vodka. So let’s dive into the article to know more about Au vodka and it’s launching in US. And subscribe chopnews to get more updates

Au vodka launched in US announces Speakeasy Co.

speakeasy announced the launching of au vodka in US

After an incredibly successful launch in the UK and Europe, Au Vodka is now crossing over state-side, using Speakeasy Co. (Speakeasy), is its online partner.

Au Vodka is known for its premium bottles and impressive social media following. With the help of Speakeasy, Au Vodka hopes to make its mark on the US market.

Speakeasy was the company that disrupted beverage alcohol to facilitate direct-to-consumer sales of hundreds of brands.

Vodka is still a strong market staple. However, there has been an increase in demand for premium vodkas and a growing interest in flavored vodkas.

Au Vodka is able to meet this demand. In 2016, Charlie Morgan and Jackson Quinn, both from the UK, saw a need for a premium vodka brand.

After getting bored with the same vodkas for birthday gifts year after year, they felt that there was a better way to bring new vodka to the market.

Au Vodka is known for its unique vodka flavors and eye-catching gold bottles. It was also invested in by DJ Charlie Sloth who helped to build the brand’s social following. They are now the most popular spirits brand on TikTok.

Au Vodka’s e-commerce business has grown by 10,000% since its launch. Its online revenues have risen to over $6.7 Million in 2022.

Speakeasy was a company that I felt understood the US ecommerce market. They also had the ability to create platforms for brands such as ours to sell and grow their brand on the ecommerce space.

Their ability to manage scale and merchandise is unmatched. They quickly got to know our brand vision and our passion for replicating our European online e-commerce business.

We have had freedom and collaboration with them to create our US website. Speakeasy is a great partner for us as we get ready to launch our website.

Jordan Major, Head E-Commerce at Au Vodka, stated that “We’ve had incredible success in the UK, and have reached some amazing milestones, but I’m even more excited about making our mark on the international stage.”

Speakeasy simplifies the direct-to-consumer process for alcohol brands while maintaining the three tier system.

They are a trusted partner for hundreds of brands and provide ease of fulfillment as well as marketing services. This allows brands to focus on their growth and sell directly through their website.

Josh Jacobs, CEO and Co-Founder of Speakeasy, says that Au Vodka is a very special brand.

We anticipate Au Vodka will be in high demand and we love that we have been able take the hassle out of this process, so brands can concentrate on growth and expansion.

Au Vodka now available at auvodka.us.

Au Vodka flavors

It comes in Black Grape and Original Vodka flavors and is available with popular accessories. The vodka costs $39.99 per bottle.

Speakeasy Co:

Speakeasy Co., a leading ecommerce and fulfillment platform for the beverage alcohol industry, is Speakeasy Co. Speakeasy allows brands to sell directly from their websites to consumers without disrupting the three-tier system.

Speakeasy helps brands manage their consumer journey, from digital to doorstep, and even customer relationships. For more information, visit speakeasyco.com or visit the Speakeasy Instagram or Facebook.

Au Vodka:

JACKSON QUINN and CHARLIE MORGAN founded Au Vodka in 2016. They were two high school friends from WALES, UK. Au Vodka stands out with its unique gold bottle and crazy-unique flavored and colored vodkas.

AU VODKA’S revenue grew from $1million to $54million in the last two years. AU VODKA’S ECOMMERCE BUSINESS saw a 10,000% increase in online sales, rising from $30k in 2019 and reaching more than $6.7M in 2022.