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Ava Majury, 15, To Testify in a Court Case Against a Second stalker


Ava Majury (a young girl) is making a name for her self on TikTok, the video sharing platform. Ava Majury has 1.2 Million followers and been part of numerous viral videos.

She was acquitted of her stalking charges. Now, however, she has been rescued by the second stalker.

Ava Majury has 1.2 Million Followers on tiktok

Ava Majury 15 To Testify in a Court Case Against a Second stalker

Ava Majury has over 1.2million followers and is one of the most prominent young TikTok celebrities.

Her lip-syncing videos have made her a household name and attracted the attention of many people, including her parents. But she is also a target of online predators. This case is a reminder to be extra careful online.

Ava Majury is a story that has been receiving a lot more attention over the past months.

Her family has been interviewed by TODAY, and have been asked to help spread awareness about the dangers of social media. NBC News aired a story on the incident.

Ava is an Ava from Florida, 15 year old girl. Following her popularity on the site, Ava started selling pictures and videos she took. In fact, she’s even gotten paid for her promotional videos on her main account.

Ava was made a target of a stalker due to her fame. EricJustin111 is a TikToker user hailing from Ellicott City. He began following Ava and harassing her. He started calling her asking for explicit images and pictures.

Stalking case against a schoolmate dismissed

Ava Majury has become an internet star thanks to TikTok. Her followers number close to 1 million and she continues to manage active social media accounts.

One former classmate accuses her of stalking, despite her popular status. She also sought a court injunction for domestic violence against her classmate.

Ava Majury began using TikTok at the age of 13. Her social media pages include videos of her dancing and lip syncing.

Her main account had more than one million followers and she was considered a leading influencer at age 15.

However, she believes that her social media presence was what attracted the attention a stalker.

Ava Majury filed a January complaint to her school alleging that a classmate was stalking her.

The accusation was false. In fact, the incident was actually caused by a 15 year-old boy from Majury.

Ava, a classmate of hers, testified against Ava in March. But a judge dismissed the case because of lack of evidence.

Another stalker comes out

Ava Majury is the TikTok Star and she’s about to give evidence in court against another stalker. He claims to have been following her for the past year.

Eric Rohan Justin (an 18-year-old Maryland man) was the first suspect.

Majury saw him arrive at her house, carrying a shotgun. His father killed him when he tried fleeing. This occurred July 10, 2020.

Ava’s family relocated from California to Naples to experience the warmer climate. Her parents noticed another fan following Ava online during her stay in Florida.

The parents were worried about their safety so they took immediate action.

On Monday, February 28, Ava will be in court to request an injunction against her second stalker.

Although the victim was claimed to be a minor by her parents, it has yet to be identified.

Ava and her family are searching for video evidence in their stalking case.

They hope to get an injunction restricting the boy from contact with Majury.

Making money online

Ava Majury, a 15-year-old TikTok star, was the victim of a stalker attack that left her family frightened and terrified. On Monday, she will testify in court.

According to reports, Ava was being stalked for more than a year by a man who tried to get into her home using a shotgun.

When Ava’s father heard of the attack, he immediately shot and killed the suspect. The father then ordered his son not to contact his daughter.

In July of 2021, a fan who was stalking Ava approached the family’s door with a gun. Ava’s father killed the fan by opening the door.

Ava and her family have condemned the internet trolls for blaming Ava.

Ava’s family also wants to warn people about the risks of online fame. Ava currently earns thousands per year via TikTok and has over one million hits.