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Barbara Gustern – Vocal coach


 Barbara Gustern Maier Gustern taught singing lessons to a new generation of avant-garde singers in her bedroom on the 17th floor of her Manhattan apartment. Debbie Harry, Kathleen Hanna, and Taylor Mac were among her students.

She was a force for good, a tireless voice coach and mentor who helped many cabaret and stage performers sing their best.

Barbara Gustern became a voice coach

Barbara Maier Gustern worked as a singing coach and coached students in their careers. She was passionate about music and wanted to help others.

She coached many people, including Blondie singer Debbie Harry, Diamanda Galas, and Justin Vivian Bond. Kathleen Hanna was also a coach.

She loved her job and was a passionate person. In 2003, her daughter was kill, and her husband in 2017.

Gustern was resilient and encouraged her students to be their best selves.

Gustern was a dedicated teacher who demonstrated her dedication to her students through the way she taught She often spent entire days in her apartment preparing students for performances.

On March 10, she was attackby a stranger while walking along the Chelsea block.

He shoved her from behind and left her bleeding from her head. Naveen Pazienza, 26, from Long Island, was her attacker.

She became a mentor

Barbara Guston was a vocal coach and singer who lived in Manhattan’s 17th-floor apartment. She gave lessons almost every day until she reached her 80s.

Her students credit her for saving their voices and teaching them how to sing sustainably.

She was a regular in Chelsea, volunteering at a soup kitchen and leading the chorus at a local YMCA. She was knock down and sustained a fatal brain injury.

The victim’s family is still trying to figure out why she called her “b***h” in her 30s before pushing her. According to police, she was walking towards a taxi near her Chelsea apartment.

Lauren Pazienza (26-year-old suspect) was arreste two weeks later. She is currently facing manslaughter and other charges.

Gustern was born in Indiana and made her Broadway debut as a mentor to Blondie’s Debbie Harry at 4.

Gustern was also an influential voice coach for the New York City cabaret scene. Many of her teachings helped them achieve their dreams.

She was a voice director

Gustern was an artist from New York. She was a mentor to rock stars and stage actors. Gustern was love for her passion, curiosity, and love of people.

For many years, she taught singing lessons to people of all ages. They were able to improve their singing skills and learn how to breathe.

They also practiced pronunciations of the glottal strikes and encouraged them to try their best.

Warm-up recordings of familiar songs to improve their vocal technique. She said that they felt confident with their voices.

Her advice has been invaluable to her students, including Taylor Mac, Justin Vivian Bond, and Blondie’s Debbie Harry. They claim that the singers’ performances are now better than ever.

Many of Gustern’s friends and colleagues have lost their friends and colleague

Friends and colleagues loved Gustern for her kindness, generosity, and gentleness. She was a great help to people in unexpected ways.

She became a voice trainer

Gustern was a vocal coach and helped students improve their singing abilities. Gustern specialized in breathing, range (how high a singer can sing), tuning, and pitch.

Her training included exercises to improve tone and resonance. Her teachers were Blondie’s Debbie Harry, Taylor Mac, and Justin Vivian Bond.

After a long day of lessons, she would often perform for her students. 

Gustern’s former student Katherine Crocket spoke out to Inside Edition to say that her grandmother encouraged her to be the best version of herself and gave her the confidence to do so.

Swas a vocal coach for Broadway and New York’s Downtown Cabaret Scene, where she work with stars such as Debbie Harry and the Oklahoma cast!

She was a well-known celebrity. She was 87 when she suffere injuries from an attack

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