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Brand Ambassadors for Mirror Hong Kong


Whether they’re walking past an advert board in a Hong Kong McDonald’s or clamoring to be spotted next to a new food packaging box, Mirror’s 12 members are plastered across Hong Kong. As their popularity grows, more brands rush to capitalize on this phenomenon.

After their appearances in 2018 on ViuTV’s Talent Show, Good Night Show- King Maker, the band was formed. They are a great combination of chemistry and unique singing, dancing, and rapping skills that make them an essential watch.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Keung To

Mirror’s lead singer Keung To has been a major star in Cantopop music. He was one of the 12 members that formed the group after they won ViuTV’s music competition show Good Night Show – King Maker in 2018.

Mirror has gained huge popularity since their inception and is now a household name throughout the city. Mirrors can be seen all over the city in numerous advertisements and digital billboards.

Hong Kong: Anson Lo

Anson Lo is the youngest member of Mirror and has captured fans’ attention with his unique fashion senses and charisma. On social media, he has become an instant celebrity sharing photos and information about upcoming shows.

ViuTV’s 2018 talent-finding show, Good Night Show King Maker, helped to form the boy group, which has been a significant attraction in Hong Kong for the past year. The group’s charismatic stage presence and dance moves have helped to revive Cantopop in Hong Kong.

Ian Chan

Ian Chan is one of the members of the Hong Kong-based cantopop band Mirror. He was chosen as a group member through ViuTV’s talent show Good Night Show — King Maker in 2018.

In his personal life, he is a former representative of the Hong Kong men’s volleyball team and also a basketball and Taekwondo enthusiast. He believes a healthy lifestyle is crucial for individuals to lead their best lives.

As a member of MIRROR, Ian has received positive feedback from his fans and is constantly praised for his musical ability.

As an independent artist, he has released singles such as Jing Luo (“Whale Fall”) and Another Nobel (“Ling Yi Ge Nuo Bei Er”).

Lokman Yeung

MIRROR, a Hong Kong boy group that became a worldwide sensation, is MIRROR. They formed through the first season of ViuTV’s talent show Good Night Show – King Maker.

The group consists of twelve members, each wearing a representative color. Keung To (dark blue), Ian Chan (ocean blue), Anson Lo (pink), Edan Lui (grey), Alton Wong (bright orange), Anson Kong (dark green), Frankie Chan (ash blue), Jer Lau (ice blue), Jeremy Lee (Venetian red), Lokman Yeung (olive green) and Stanley Yau (green).

Stanley Yau

The show’s twelve contestants are all former contestants, and each member has a unique talent in vocals, dance, or rap.

Stanley Yau was also a finalist on the show. He starred as an actor in Being an Actor (2018). Also, he appeared on the showman Showman Show (2019) and in the drama Into The Wild (2022).

Stanley prefers simple, casual clothing when it comes down to his style. He usually opts for minimalist fashion items and layers with neutral color palettes.

Jer Lau

Jer Lau has a distinctive and extraordinary voice. His success made him an ambassador for Fresh and one of Hong Kong’s most famous artists.

The mirror is a Cantopop group of 12 members, each with their representative color – Alton Wong (bright orange), Anson Lo (pink), Edan Lui (grey), Frankie Chan (grey-blue), Ian Chan (ocean blue), Jer Lau (glacial blue), Jeremy Lee (Venetian red), Lokman Yeung (olive green), Stanley Yau (green) and Tiger Yau (purple). ViuTV’s 2018 talent program Good Night Show — King Maker led to their discovery.

Edan Lui

Edan Lui, who is part of the Hong Kong boy group Mirror has been a popular figure in the area and beyond. 

He also plays a pivotal role in reviving Cantopop, a music form previously declining in popularity. He is the main singer of the group.

While a concert accident last year left a dancer critically injured, it has not stopped the group from soaring in popularity. Since then, they have released many hit songs and collaborated extensively with global brands.

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