Home News Caitlyn Pollock, Mill Creek High School Cheerleader Killed In a Car Accident

Caitlyn Pollock, Mill Creek High School Cheerleader Killed In a Car Accident

Caitlyn Pollock Killed

Caitlyn Pollock is the Mill Creek High School Cheerleader who was killed in a car accident. Here’s an update about Saturday’s car accident on State Route 316, Hoschton. According to reports, Gwinnett County police has released the identity of the victim in a car accident.

According to reports, Caitlyn Pollock was the victim in the car accident. Caitlyn was a junior cheerleader at Mill Creek High School. Many questions have been trending about Caitlyn’s accident since the news broke.

What was Caitlyn Pollock’s age at the time of her death and what caused it? To get every detail, you are asked to stay on this blog. Take a look below by dragging the screen down.

Mill Creek High Schools Cheerleader Caitlyn Polkock Killed

Caitlyn Pollock Killed

Her cheerleader team identified Caitlyn as Pollock. According to the most recent report, Caitlyn was in an accident that resulted in her suffering traumatic injuries.

This accident occurred on Saturday night as Caitlyn was driving north on Sugarloaf Parkway towards State Route 316. Please drag the page down and have a look at the below to see the details surrounding the accident.

We want to tell you first that Caitlyn Pollock, a junior cheerleader, was not driving the car. She was the front passenger in the car. Another person was also involved.

Kyle McDowell, who was the driver of the car at time of accident, was the other person.

Kyle McDowell is a 21-year-old boy. According to reports, Kyle was unable to navigate the ramp and hit a concrete barrier. Is Kyle McDowell still alive?

Yes, Kyle survived the accident and is now in stable condition. Caitlyn Pollock is now gone. Kyle is receiving medical attention at the hospital.

Police have now charged him with first degree vehicular homicide as well as failure to maintain a lane while he was under the influence of alcohol.

It is believed that the driver was responsible for the accident. Caitlyn Pollock was only 16 years old. On the spot, she was declared dead.

Paul Pollock, her father, said that she was loved by many people and had never met anyone stranger. She was our love.

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