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Can a Chiropractor Heal Hiatal Hernia?

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Can a Chiropractor Heal Hiatal Hernia?: Medicines are not the only way to heal and treat an ailment. Today, several alternative treatment and therapies are made available to you. The therapies can take time but promises to heal the body from within. One such example is the chiropractic practices that play an essential part in treating hiatal hernia.

Can a Chiropractor Heal Hiatal Hernia?


What is a hiatal hernia?

Simply put, a hiatal hernia is an ailment where the abdominal organs slip in between the diaphragm. Generally, patients can suffer from two major types of hiatal hernia. They are:

  • Sliding hernia, that takes place when a section of a patient’s stomach moves upwards
  • Paraesophageal hernia, where any other abdominal part goes upwards, other than the esophagus

The percentage of people affected by hiatal hernia is substantial. About 60% of the people are in the 50 age bracket who has this disease. And for a small section of 9% people, this condition is symptomatic. One of the significant causes of hiatal hernia is a weak diaphragm muscle that happens when the rib cage and the thoracic spine vertebrae get misaligned. In such a situation the rib cage acts as the diaphragm attachment. And when the diaphragm gets weak, it makes the stomach to pass through. Today, chiropractic practices can bring about positive changes in healing this ailment. To know more, you can check out Active Edge Hiatal Hernia Chiropractic practices.

Hiatal hernia symptoms

The body gives many symptoms for hiatal hernia. The acute symptoms are as follows:

  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Stomach pain
  • Belching or hiccups
  • Feeling bloated below the abdomen
  • Heart palpitations
  • Substernal pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest pain

What are the chiropractic treatments for hiatal hernia?

A chiropractor’s main objective is to bring about complete well being! The treatment is non-invasive, gentle and holistic. This treatment process also averts the risks that are present with the conventional medical process. A chiropractor aims to discover the root cause of hiatal hernia and remedy it.

The chiropractor starts by checking for the structural deviations that have occurred in the patient’s body. The misalignment gets observed thoroughly. It is essential to know that this misalignment can affect the nerve functions in the thoracic spine region that helps to function the stomach and esophagus region, through a set of the sympathetic nervous system.

Furthermore, this nervous system gets impeded and interrupted by the Vertebral Subluxation that happens in the patient’s thoracic spine region. It makes the nerve to interfere with your stomach. A chiropractor gently heals and removes this impending nerve via manual treatment techniques. Once the chiropractic treatment gets done, a medical practitioner suggests a lifestyle change. The patient needs to follow a set of exercises and a diet chart to heal rapidly and also to enhance the diaphragm. The treatment gets customized in a way that the patient doesn’t have to undergo this once again.

Today, the chiropractic treatments start working on the patient by eliminating the symptoms and the bodily discomforts that came along with it. Chiropractors work in close association with doctors to heal the patient entirely back to normalcy.