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Career Trends in 2019; What Will the Future Job Market Look Like


Career Trends in 2019; What Will the Future Job Market Look Like: Careers are changing. Technologies, robotics, and the economy are always changing. Here is what the predicted career trends will be for the upcoming years. Fewer university students with tuition fees that are getting more and more expensive. More people are trending towards self-employment or physical jobs. This could have a waterfall effect on many jobs.

Career Trends in 2019; What Will the Future Job Market Look Like

Real Estate

Being in the real estate business is competitive. The growing number of people trying to become a professional in this field makes it more competitive. So you need to have a quality product, and you need to outperform the competition.

Sticking out from the rest requires real quality builds. Buying for a special price and flipping them. Increasing their value through renovations is a must, and you need to have the right partners to do so. Getting a nice flip means having proper connections and valuable builders like this one.

Programming and Developing

With the drastic development of technology, we can see that all aspects of our lives have changed. Everyone can find an app for everything. From everyday things like maps and cooking instructions to more unusual ones such as an app that helps you measure how high you can throw your phone in the air. All these exist thanks to the development of programming and developing.

And as we all know, they are amongst the most popular fields to get involved in now. This also means that it requires a more professional workforce for these jobs. The requirements you’ll need to be qualified for these positions will be considerably higher in the future.


The e-commercial industry is in its golden age. This is the most promising time for startups to join in the market. They can even compete with big companies by disrupting significant sectors. Things that companies like Uber and Airbnb have done.

They can use various channels such as videos, streaming, or by developing their app. Each of which can help them reach their target customers, or to enhance their services. Now through social media, your product can become known in a matter of days, or even hours. 

Startups can even cooperate with companies to further develop and form mutual benefits. All the above can lead to a more diverse economic ecosystem in tech startup industries.



Most people before did a job because they had to. The job was passed down from father to son, like a carpenter or a blacksmith. Nowadays, it’s a little more complicated than that. We have a choice. We can choose whether to go to university or not. We can choose what we want to do and get out there to find the training. Our options are open and can be extremely profitable if we make the most of them.

Most people who choose an artisanal trade want to learn it because they love it, and it’s their passion. The future generation of artisans and hands-on workers will be determined, meaning their quality of work will be higher. When you work with passion, and you love what you do, the results show.

The quality and the proximity of the new generation of artisans will challenge the old model. The “build fast, sell fast model.” is dying out, and people are seeking quality.

To Sum Up

People are shifting away from the more traditional jobs. They either study or do the things that they like. The old model of: “ I am going to school to become….” is changing. Those in each industry need to adapt their skills to match the markets. The need for quality services is increasing, and the quality of workers is going up too.