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How Did Chris Figgis Die? Know His Cause Of Death


What was Chris Figgis Cause of Death? Kent College Hockey Player Died Tragically. Kent College Tributes to ‘Rising Star.’ Kent College is stunned by the sudden death of their beloved, talented hockey player. Sources say Chris Figgis, a Graveney, Kent hockey player, died October 29, 2022.

Many people have taken to social media to pay respects to the highly-regarded and talented hockey players at the university since the announcement of his death.

Chris was a rising star in his local hockey team and was also a deputy head boy at Kent College. He just received his A-Level grades.

What was Chris Figgis Cause of Death?

Chris Figgis cause of death

Many students from the university took to social media to pay their respects and offer their condolences to his family, who are going through a tough time.

In his honor, the school opened a remembrance album. Mark Turnball, a Kent College headmaster, said that the Kent College community was shocked and saddened by Chris’s passing.

Chris was an active student, who truly enjoyed school life. It is so sad that such a gifted person has left us. He said, “We will miss his dry humour” and the way he made everyone feel at home in school.

In addition to this, Turnball said that Chris had touched many lives. Anna Silver, a classmate of Chris, wrote a heartfelt message in the book. She wrote, “The world has lost such an amazing person.” Sources say that he died of natural causes.

Chris Figgis was found dead in his Kent farm, Graveney. Chris Figgis is currently in a difficult place as he was a beloved member of the family.

Although neither the school nor college shared much information about him, it is possible to imagine that he was a caring member of college who gave his best to studies and games.

Chris Figgis obituary and funeral

The funeral and arrangements for the obituary have not yet been announced. We do not have many details to share. Get in touch with us for more information about him

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