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Chris Hemsworth Daughter Adorable Photos


Chris Hemsworth Daughter adorable photos: On July 8, Thor, Love and Thunder premiered in theaters. It featured Chris Hemsworth returning as the God of Thunder, and introduced viewers to Gorr the God Butcher by Christian Bale.

Chris Hemsworth Daughter

You can stream the Taika Waititi-directed movie on Disney+. Also, a new episode Marvel Studios: Assembled is available. This documentary takes you behind the scenes of the blockbuster movie, and includes never-before-seen commentary by the cast.

India Hemsworth is Chris Hemsworth’s daughter and she was able to appear alongside her father in Love and Thunder. She was Gorr’s daughter and was placed in Thor’s care at end of film.

The scene in which the father-daughter pair shared near the end of movie is discussed more in Love and Thunder’s Assembled Episode.

Thor: Love and Thunder – Chris and India Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth with wife and kids

A new Disney+ documentary titled Marvel Studios : Assembled : The Making of Thor : Love and Thunder features behind-the scenes moments of Chris Hemsworth and India Hemsworth.

After Thor had taken Gorr’s child into his care, the pair were able film a scene together. India was able to use Stormbreaker as she and Thor ran off to battle some enemies.

India and her father shared some special moments between takes of the documentary. After he picks up her, she taps Chris on the cheek.

Chris Hemsworth Daughter

Hemsworth was able to work with his daughter Love and Thunder, as well as his twin sons. It was, according to Hemsworth, a “special kind of experience”. 

Hemsworth will treasure the memory of being able to perform in a film together with his daughter, Love and Thunder are India’s only acting credits at this point.

Thor, God of Families

Hemsworth talked about his children being on set for Thor. Love and Thunder. He also mentioned how much that meant to him.

But, he’s not the only cast member who has their children in the movie. Christian Bale and Taika Waititi were able to be there with their children, as well as watch them perform.

Normally, actors must say goodbye to their families when filming for a movie. But Waititi created a film that allowed them to bring their families to the film.

Thor has had its fair share critics but, from a human and family perspective, it is hard to imagine a film that could match it.

Thor, Love and Thunder can be streamed on Disney+.

Why was Elsa and Chris naming their daughter after India?

Elsa and Chris naming their daughter after India

India Rose Hemsworth was born May 11, 2012. She is the oldest of three children from the couple. India was named by the couple to honor India, a country that holds a special spot in their hearts.

Hemsworth stated that his wife spent a lot time in India, and that is where the name originated from in a conversation with IANS in 2019.

Chris also spent some time in India during filming for his films. He said, “I love the country and the people.”

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