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Costa Coffee Offering 50p Iced Coffee [Great Discount]

Costa Coffee Iced Coffee 50p

Costa coffee iced coffee 50p: COSTA Coffee is commemorating its 50th anniversary by offering 50% off all iced coffee drinks.

The coffee chain is serving a wide choice of chilled beverages.

Here we have discussed everything about various types of Costa beverages at 50p, how can you take the advantage of the offer, costa coffee stores near me. People being curious nowadays to know about Costa Coffee in detail. So lets dive into the article to know the info. Follow chopnews to get more updates

Costa beverages at 50p

Costa Coffee Iced Coffee 50p

All Costa iced coffee drinks will be 50p from May 11 to May 13, 2021.

Here is a list of all the drinks that are included in the deal, according to the app.

Prices, however, may differ based on the store you visit:

£2.90 for an iced corto.
£2.75 for a small, £3.05 for a medium iced cappuccino
£3 for a small, £3.30 for a larger iced mocha
£2.75 for a small, £3.05 for a large iced latte
£2.90 for an iced flat white
Apart from the Fruit Cooler and Frostino lines, all other cold drinks are 50p during the campaign.

The offer follows a similar April sale on all hot beverages.

How do I take advantage of costa coffee at 50p?

To take advantage of the offer, you must be a Costa Coffee app user.

The deal, however, is open to both new and existing clients.

The app is available for free on Google Play and the App Store.

“We are happy to continue our 50th birthday celebrations by delivering Costa Coffee customers this wonderful offer of ANY barista-made cold drink for just 50p,” a Costa Coffee representative stated.

“Whether you’re meeting a friend for coffee and a catch-up in the park, or simply want to get a handcrafted Iced-Latte, Costa Coffee has you covered!”

Costa Coffee near me

Costa Coffee has around 2,467 locations in the United Kingdom.

Using the company’s official shop locator, you can find your nearest Costa Coffee Store.

Allow your search engine access to your location or just type in your zip code.

Costa reopened its outdoor dining spaces in England on Monday, April 12, 2021, in accordance with government regulations.

Protective equipment, hand sanitizer stations with floor signs, and high-quality Perspex screens at counters are all available in each store.

In addition, designated pick-up stations for mobile order collections have been established by the chain.

Customers visiting Costa Coffee Drive-Thru locations will notice a customized one-of-a-kind serving gate that allows them to retrieve their order without having to touch it.

These ingeniously engineered gates, which lower products to customers’ vehicles, come with a built-in acrylic hygiene screen for maximum protection.