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Did Kim Kardashian pass the baby bar


Did Kim Kardashian pass the baby bar : Is Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bar Passed? While studying for an exam, a star reveals she had COVID.

did kim kardashian pass the baby bar

Kim Kardashian has disclosed that she failed her first-year law exam, which she took while battling COVID-19.

In an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the reality star admitted to her sisters that she couldn’t pass the baby bar.

Kardashian is seen on the episode conversing with attorney Jessica Jackson, who disclosed that she required a 560 to pass but only got a 474.

Kardashian then admitted that she felt like a failure after studying for six weeks straight for 10-12 hours a day.

Jackson reassured her that her score was “very near,” despite the fact that most people aren’t taking the exam during a pandemic.

The 40-year-old model rushed to social media after the show aired on Thursday to reply to fan comments.

She then said that she was having trouble concentrating and was suffering from the “worst back pain of my life.”

After that, a fan congratulated her for not making excuses and for persevering in her pursuit of her dream of becoming a lawyer.

Kardashian answered, saying, “There are no more excuses!!! COVID and I took the bar!!! After hour 4, I was on the verge of passing out, but I made it!”

Fans of the actress hailed her as an inspiration for persisting in the face of coronavirus.

On social media, Jackson also expressed her support for Kardashian, saying that she and her other legal mentor, Erin Haney, were pleased of the TV star’s hard work.

“@EdyHaney and I are extremely pleased of all of your hard work studying for this exam, @KimKardashian,” Jackson wrote. “Only 16 percent of law students passed the First Year Students Exam in June, despite the fact that many of them had likely taken it before.”

She went on to say that Kardashian has already made a positive influence and that once she is licenced, she will be unstoppable.

Kardashian then took the opportunity to emphasise that she has no intention of giving up.

The designer of Skims also shot down a report that claimed she and her family acquired coronavirus at her 40th birthday celebrations on a private island in October 2020.

“False. Covid was not found after the journey “she penned “Saint was the first in our family to contract HIV, and he contracted it at school from another student who was the first to test positive.

After he coughed on me while I was care for him, I experienced symptoms and was diagnosed with it a few days later.”

On the most recent edition of the show, Kardashian addressed the diagnosis. Viewers observed her on the phone with a doctor, explaining that her kid Saint had tested positive for coronavirus after coming into touch with another youngster who had the virus.

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