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Discover How Gisele Fetterman Became the Favorite Super Villain of the Right Wing

Gisele Fetterman
Gisele Fetterman

Gisele Fetterman: Recently, I began my twice-decade rereading of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and one scene that stands out every time is when Janine is made to recount her sexual assault and then take responsibility for it.

Her fault, her fault,” her fellow trainees shouted in agreement; surrounding her with hands in the air as they pointed. This is the power of Gilead’s worldview – men are in control but women must bear the brunt of whatever occurs.

On a Tuesday evening segment, Carlson and Candace Owens debated President Biden and Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.), who is seeking inpatient treatment for clinical depression while recovering from a stroke.

Carlson believes neither man should be in office due to their illnesses, and Biden due to what Carlson claimed without evidence was reduced mental capacity due to age, but the point wasn’t to blame the politicians; rather it was about their wives.

“Why is Dr. Jill not the villain in this story? What is her issue?” Carlson insisted, asserting that a woman who loved her husband would keep him away from campaigns. What an arrogant, power-seeking creep!”

Owens agreed to declare These women are monsters

Conservative media was already pushing this narrative. “Jill Biden and Gisele Fetterman should be ashamed of themselves,” Laura Ingraham declared on air a few weeks ago.

The next day radio host Jesse Kelly tweeted, “Who’s the bigger elder abuser – Jill Biden or Gisele Fetterman?”

“Jill Biden and Gisele Fetterman are failing their husbands,” declared the headline of a recent Washington Examiner column, adding that both men have been victims of terrible women.

This column was inspired by a Twitter poll posted by conservative commentator Matt Walsh entitled, “Who is the worst wife in America?” (In addition to Jill and Gisele, Meghan Markle and Jada Pinkett-Smith were the other choices; no, I do not believe it’s a coincidence that three of these four options are immigrants or women of color).

The attacks against Gisele Bundchen are dizzying in scope and ambition: It was her fault her husband ran for Senate; it was her fault he won; it was even her fault her children weren’t dressed more formally for their father’s swearing-in ceremony.

John Fetterman supposedly suffered from depression

Due to Gisele’s constant seeking of the spotlight – yet another line of speculation suggested it might have been Gisele who decided to take their children to Niagara Falls to escape any spotlight brought on by his hospitalization: “Gisele Left-Her-Man,” as the Free Beacon declared.

Did John Fetterman feel left behind? Who knows, but one could imagine both parents would be glad for their children to be away from Washington right now,

where the leading headline on a local news site wasn’t about either of them but rather “Marineland walrus Smooshi and her calf flown to a new home”.

It’s easy to guess why pundits are targeting Jill and Gisele instead of Joe and John. Simply because someone is ill or elderly should not be attacked in our culture (at least not yet), even for those whose morals tend towards the flexible. Even so, these pundits seem determined to snake their way past any barriers of decency that stand in their way.

By placing the blame on the wives, these commentators can spread harmful messages against both president and senator while providing plausible denial against charges of ableism.

They’re not throwing dirt at these poor men – rather, they’re simply correcting women who should know better. It’s ableism with a dash of sexism for added enjoyment.

Why do I think it’s sexism? Maybe not! But here’s one example: Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) endured years of accusations that she’d lost her edge and should retire from politics – whether you believe this or not – with everyone putting the blame squarely at her feet.

I don’t recall conservative pundits repeatedly declaring Richard Blum (Feinstein’s husband who passed away last year) to be a “ghoulish, power-seeking creep”.

“Feinstein needs to do a live on-camera interview, with no subjects off limits,” Ingraham tweeted last year before Feinstein announced her planned retirement. “Why are they shielding her?”

Women must take responsibility when their husbands don’t retire. Women also bear some responsibility when they fail to stand by their men and when they become too close-minded. All in all, it is women who must shoulder some responsibility for this failure.

Her fault, her mistake, her mistake

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