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Donald Trump’s ‘horrible children’ comment sparks Twitter backlash


Former President Donald Trump’s children, especially his three oldest, have long been among his staunchest supporters. After being elected in 2016, Ivanka Trump quickly became one of his trusted advisors in the White House along with Jared Kushner.

Donald Jr. hit the campaign trail hard for their father while Eric Trump took over management of their family business – all giving up their former lives for their father who recently said during one of his “Save America” rallies that “some of us have horrible children”. Twitter quickly responded to this statement.

On Thursday evening in Sioux City, Iowa, former president Trump addressed an enthusiastic audience on inheritance. He noted that when you pass away you can leave things to your child “if you like them.” But he then added, “If you don’t like your child – leave it to charity. Some of us have horrible kids!”

As the father of five children – including daughter Tiffany with former spouse Marla Maples and son Barron with wife Melania Trump – I found the use of “some of us” on Twitter quite amusing.

One Twitter user shared a clip of the video with the caption, “He lies often but not always,” in reference to Trump’s remarks about horrible children.

One person asked, “Is he talking about @DonaldTrumpJr?” Another added, “TRUMP: Some of us have horrible children. Wonder what the kids have to say.”

There have been reports of tension between Trump and his daughter Ivanka, particularly after the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. Both Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner gave testimony regarding these unrests, with Trump appearing to take offense at Ivanka’s taped assertion that she had accepted election results when he wrote on his Truth Social platform that she had “checked out” at that time.

Of course, he could also think any of his children are “horrible,” but that seems to be something between family members.

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