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Donny Osmond Jennifer Garner Everything You Need to Know


Donny Osmond Jennifer Garner

No wish dust is needed Donny Osmond Jennifer Garner got exactly what she wished for on her (13 Going On) 50th birthday this past weekend.

The “Alias” star began her milestone celebration a few days early with an unexpected visit from none other than her childhood hero Donny Osmond Jennifer Garner.

On Friday, Garner shared a video to her Instagram page featuring an already overwhelmed Garner sitting at a restaurant as the legendary singer serenades her over the phone. However, little does she know, Osmond is also slowly creeping up behind her with a cake in hand.


“Jennifer! It’s your birthday!” Osmond exclaims in awe, prompting Garner to almost collapse from shock and take off her sweater because she feels “so hot.”

Finally, Garner recovers from her shock in time to embrace Osmond and receive a cake decorated with “13 Going on 50! Love Donny!” written in icing – an affectionate nod to her classic film.

After singing Donny & Marie’s 1975 hit “Make the World Go Away”, Garner beams with joy toward the camera as she performs it with his partner.

“My first (pre)birthday surprise was an unforgettable one – the one and only, a legend in his own time, object of my childhood adoration and devotion – @donnyosmond showed up to knock my purple socks off,” Garner captioned the video, referencing Ozzy Osmond’s signature piece of apparel.

“He took an hour and a half out of his day to come to sit with me, sing some of my favorites, and give me an inspiring master class on being a class act,” Debbie continued. “Thank you, Donny; hi @marieosmond; hopefully we’ll meet someday soon!”

Osmond expressed in a TikTok post his delight at being invited to celebrate Jen Garner’s 50th birthday, noting, “Surprising fans is one of my favorite activities, so when I had the chance to surprise her for her 50th, I was beyond delighted!”

He then invited Garner to be his “special guest on stage” during an upcoming concert.

The Golden Globe winner has long expressed her admiration for Osmond.

In 2019, Katie Couric shared a nostalgic video of Garner and his family performing alongside Cher in sparkly purple jumpsuits. As part of the comments she added a kissing emoji to convey that he was her “number one biggest crush of all time”.

Osmond joked at the time, “Miraculous that those jumpsuits didn’t scare you away!”

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