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Dr Lawrence Rudolph, a Dentist, Has Been Found Guilty of Murder


Dr Lawrence Rudolph was one of America’s most notorious dentists. He has been found guilty in the killing of his girlfriend. Although he had confessed to the crime, his defense attorneys have called the narrative a “false narrative”. Bianca, his girlfriend was found dead at the chest by a shotgun.

Bianca Rudolph succumbed to a shotgun blow to her chest.

Bianca Rudolph succumbed to a shotgun blow to her chest

Look no further than Bianca Rudolph, Dr Lawrence Rudolph’s spouse. This case is an interesting one that has to do about a crime. Both were students at University of Pittsburgh when they met. They were married in early 1980s and have lived together in Arizona. Ana, Ana’s daughter, is an attorney from Florida.

Larry Rudolph, a dentist and big game hunter was wealthy. A practice he owned was worth $8 million. He and his wife met when he went to Zambia for a hunting trip. But when he arrived back in Pennsylvania, he found that his wife had died in a shooting.

At first the crime was dismissed as accidental. However, as evidence started to mount, the investigation took a turn. It now appears that a shotgun was fired at Bianca, and she died.

According to FBI, it was far more complex than initially thought. There were red flags that raised suspicions. One was that Larry and Bianca fought over money, and that he had an affair with his wife. Another was that a firearm was found near Bianca’s body.

Larry Rudolph confessed the murder

Larry Rudolph of Pennsylvania was arrested for murdering his wife, in Zambia, in 2016. Rudolph was accused in 2016 of murdering his wife during a hunting trip. He and his wife were in the Kafue National Park when he accidentally shot her in the chest with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Lawrence Rudolph’s defense attorneys say that Rudolph had no motive for the crime, and prosecutors are relying on circumstantial evidence to prove that he murdered Bianca. Rudolph also admitted that he killed his wife in an argument at a steakhouse.

The prosecution claims that he killed and mutilated his wife, as she was considered a religious person with a history of infidelity. So that he could be open with his girlfriend, he planned her murder.

Rudolph was also charged by authorities with health-care fraud. According to them, Rudolph received insurance payouts in excess of $5 million. He cashed in Bianca’s life insurance, and then used the money to buy a mansion in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Larry Rudolph’s girlfriend was found guilty of being an accessory after the fact to murder

In December of last year, Larry Rudolph was charged with killing his wife Bianca on a safari in Zambia. He faces a maximum of life in prison. Denver Federal Court is prosecuting him in this case.

During the trial, the prosecutors presented a variety of claims regarding the circumstances leading to the murder. The prosecution claimed the murder was premeditated. According to them, Rudolph also killed his wife to take control of the rest of his life.

The defense attorneys claimed that the accused crime was not motivated by money. These claims were supported with circumstantial evidence. The prosecutors relied, however, on a falsified narrative.

Bianca Rudolph also died from an accidental shot. Prosecutors contested this assertion, saying that the barrel of their gun was too short to allow for self-shots. They claimed the shot originated from two to three meters away.

Monday saw the return of a jury and they began to deliberate on the case. Many of Bianca’s adult children, including Ana, were present at the trial.

Defense attorneys for Larry Rudolph called it a false narrative

Larry Rudolph has been charged for the death of his spouse. The couple had just returned from a hunt in Zambia. Bianca was to be cremated in Zambia after their return. But he became so angry that he tried to persuade the trash collector not to remove his wife’s body. Then, he claimed to have heard a gunshot while taking a shower.

According to FBI records, they argued over money. The FBI believed the couple had an affair. That friend of Bianca’s told the FBI that she felt suspicious of the relationship. Also, she raised questions about the Catholic faith in which the deceased was raised.

While in Zambia, the couple killed several animals. They tried to buy another home for $3.5million when they decided to move on. But, they were unsuccessful. In the meantime, they cashed in their life insurance policies.

An acquaintance called the FBI to inform them that they had an affair. This would prove to be the beginning of the unraveling of Larry’s life.