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Drew Barrymore: Bio, Age, Boyfriend, Photos & Net Worth [2022]


Drew Barrymore is one of America’s wealthiest actresses. Drew was born in New York City on this date in 1975.

Drew Barrymore was born in the city of Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America. She is 47 years old, as of 2022.

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Drew Barrymore Biography

drew barrymore

Drew Barrymore is an American model, actor, director, and producer who catapulted to prominence as a child artist with her depiction of Gertie in Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece “E.T.” Drew is the granddaughter of famed actor John Barrymore and is a member of the distinguished Barrymore family, which includes a number of well-known stage and screen stars.

She was always quite natural in front of the camera, even as a child.

She survived her teenage difficulties, which included drug and alcohol misuse, and went on to become one of America’s most popular actors, demonstrating her worth in films such as “The Wedding Singer,” “Music and Lyrics,” “50 First Dates,” and “Charlie’s Angels.”

‘Flower Films,’ which produced the cult picture ‘Donnie Darko,’ was formed by her and her co-partner Nancy Juvoner. ‘People’ magazine named her one of the ‘100 most beautiful people’ in 2007.

In addition, she has a star on the ‘Hollywood Walk of Fame.’

She has donated $1 million to the ‘UN World Food Program’ as an ambassador.

Drew Barrymore is also the face of Gucci’s jewellery line and a model for ‘Cover Girl Cosmetics.’ The ‘Golden Globe Award’ for ‘Best Actress in a Television Film’ was given to her.

Drew Barrymore net worth

Drew Barrymore is one of America’s most popular celebrities, with a net worth of $ 125 million in 2022.

In Indian Rupees, that’s Rs 900 crores. As of 2022, she earns around 30 crores every month, for a total annual income of 360 crores.

Aside from her salary, she earns a total of two hundred crores each year through movies, production, and her personal investments in real estate.

She additionally bills the brands for endorsements at a rate of Rs 70-80 crores rupees.

Drew Barrymore movies

A star of many iconic films, Drew Barrymore’s career spans decades.

The young actress was a child artist in Steven Spielberg’s 1982 sci-fi fantasy, E.T., in which she played Gerite, an alien who follows Elliott (Dee Wallace) to Earth.

As a teenager, Drew Barrymore was still a child, but by the time she signed up for a career in Hollywood, she had already proven her impact on the screen and ability to captivate audiences.

One of the most notable movies starring Drew Barrymore was Whip It, a romantic comedy based on the novel by Shauna Cross.

This film was a ray of hope for the world of filmmaking, a welcome change from the usual fare.

Barrymore mastered the transition from actor to director with aplomb.

The film was well-crafted, with an ensemble cast to support her.

However, the movie’s critical reception was not as strong as Barrymore’s previous movies.

Drew Barrymore boyfriend

Drew has been in the spotlight for nearly four decades, so it’s no surprise that she has had a long dating history.

Her marriage to Will Kopelman ended in April, but she has since dated Justin Long, Luke Wilson, Spike Jonze, and Fabrizio Moretti.

The actress has also ghosted Christian Bale after only one date. If she’s dating anyone right now, it’s likely a new man.

Drew Barrymore’s cheating boyfriend has also changed her views on life.

She explained to Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” that becoming a mother changed her taste in romantic partners.

She began looking for men with more responsible characteristics.

She also evaluated her own parenting styles to determine whether she would be able to handle such a relationship.

She’s learned that she doesn’t have to hold on to insecurities from previous relationships.

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