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Emmy Rossum- What Happened to Fiona on Shameless?

Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum, after nine seasons of playing Fiona on Shameless, decided to step down. In the finale of the series, she said good-bye to the show. But where was she?

During her time on Shameless, Fiona had her ups and downs. She finally found something she could look forward to after selling her South Side stake in the gentrification initiative for $100,000.

Emmy Rossum got sober


Emmy Rossum

Fiona, one of Shameless’ most well-known characters was the glue that kept the Gallaghers together so long.

Even though Emmy Rossum left the show following Season 9, Fiona’s role is still loved by viewers.

In the midst of her downward spiral, Fiona takes some steps to get herself back on track. She stops drinking and starts attending AA meetings.

She also makes amends with Lip, who had resentfully accused her of being a “crackhead” when she tried to help him deal with his addiction.

As she begins to feel better, Fiona decides to leave Chicago and start a new life.

She tries to get her assault charges down to a misdemeanor, and gets a small job at a gas station.

Then, when Frank becomes increasingly unstable and violent, Fiona, Lip and Debbie sacrifice his sobriety to protect him. His ankle monitor is set off when they force him to drink.

Emmy Rossum got a job

Fiona, after all of the Gallagher children are grown up is now ready for her own life.

Patsy’s Pies is a steady job that she holds. She also owns an apartment in semi-gentrified South Side.

She’s also dating Irish carpenter Ford Kellogg (Richard Flood). He’s not only a sensible partner, but the first to actually tell her that she’s not going to be able to help them all forever.

Fiona is left financially homeless after her last real estate purchase was canceled by a buyer.

She lives in cramped, one-bedroom apartment. She decides eventually to quit smoking and join AA.

After a few months, she gets a job at a convenience store and gets sober, but her old job is taken away from her.

After a few months, she finds a job at a station and begins to flirt with Sean her boss. He even becomes her crush.

The payout was made to her

Fiona quits drinking after a long and successful time in Al-Anon and AA. She also swallows her pride and gets a job working at a convenience store.

Her real estate partner, who had earlier withdrawn from the season, pays her a $100,000 payout. The money is used to pay a fine she was ordered to pay and for travel expenses.

Fiona leaves half the money that she earned to her family in her final episode of the series. Fiona’s family throws her a birthday party.

She doesn’t get the opportunity to give her father a farewell, however. Frank takes her caretaker with her and then she looks at her house one more time before she leaves.

Fiona moves to the South Side, and starts a new life. She doesn’t get out of the financial crisis without hitting a roadblock.

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She went

Emmy Rossum’s Fiona Gallagher, played by Emmy Rossum was undoubtedly the most beloved character in Shameless.

The actress quit Showtime in August 2018. The actor revealed she did not want to keep the character and stated that she wanted to pursue her career.

Fiona made the decision to move from her South Side home in Season 9.

After saying goodbye to her entire family including Frank (William H. Macy), Fiona set out for warmer climates, but not before she offered one final maternal gesture to her children: Half of her newfound wealth.

The entire Gallagher family was surprised to see her pack her bags and set out for warmer climes, but they were all supportive of their matriarch.

Despite a few heart-to-hearts from Debbie (Emma Kenney) and Lip (Jeremy Allen White), everyone seemed to agree that she had done her best to ensure the Gallagher family was well taken care of.