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Essentials In Life We Often Forget About


Essentials In Life We Often Forget About: Who hasn’t forgotten a birthday or an anniversary? We think we all have! Making mistakes is part of our human nature, and sometimes we’re so caught up in our life that we often forget to do important things. Some of those things might really upset our lives and our personal relationships, so having an agenda to write vital things to remember is essential.

Essentials In Life We Often Forget About


Remembering to pay our taxes isn’t easy, especially if we work office hours, so when we get out of work, the bank is closed. 

Paying taxes doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right counseling, we can get it done quickly and effectively. But sometimes, in order to save money, you could decide not to hire a tax lawyer and do the paperwork yourself. This leads to mistakes, misinformation, and even penalties for submitting the taxes late. 

But don’t worry, there’s a voluntary disclosure program that can help with any of these issues. It consists of a program where the taxpayer fills out a form stating that they made a mistake on the paperwork or didn’t file for taxes at all. Look here if you want more information, but the reality is that this is a great solution for forgetful people! 


Birthdays are something we often forget about, and we can’t be blamed for that! 

Remembering the birth date of each family member and friend is almost impossible, but still, there are some people that can remember everything. Some of us have a gift for remembering every special date, while others can’t even remember their own birthday. 

Some people take their birthday seriously, so if you don’t congratulate them, they will see it as a personal offense towards them. With this kind of person, you should write their special date down on a calendar, so you know exactly when to congratulate them! 

College Inscriptions

We all want to go to college. So, we do the paperwork, we apply for the university, and when the inscription comes around, we forget about it. 

So, what can we do to amend this mess? Well, every college is different. But, they usually have some space between inscriptions and the beginning of classes, so you could go there personally and tell them that you simply forgot! 

If they don’t allow you to submit the paperwork late, you could also ask to see classes as credits and not as a matriculated student. This way, you can apply the next cycle and remember the inscription date. 

Car Payments

Sometimes we get behind on car payments, and this could seriously get us into some trouble. Forgetting about this can lead to losing your car because the lender usually is pretty organized and knows which payments are missing and from whom. 

After getting behind in the first month, you will probably receive letters and phone calls. And after some time, someone could get to your house and take the car away. 

Lenders aren’t happy if someone misses a payment, but they would most likely prefer to resolve the issue with you than repossess the vehicle. This takes a lot of paperwork and unnecessary drama for both the lender and you. 

Also, you could sell the car if you see yourself falling behind all the time with the payments. This will spare you many issues and damage to your credit score.

Mobile Plan

The worst thing that could happen if you don’t pay the mobile plan is having the line cut off. 

Although, this could be catastrophic for most millennials! They are known to live on their phones, so living without a mobile plan is a no-no for them. 

Usually, these companies send texts telling you when to pay the bill. But, if you happen to ignore these messages, you can always pay it a little bit later, and there’s no issue.

Final Thoughts

Being a forgetful person is something we have to deal with. The best way to keep up to date with everything is by getting a calendar or a journal. That way, we won’t be worried about having forgotten something important. 

Just make sure that you remember the special dates like birthdays, anniversaries, and other dates that might mean a lot for our loved ones. 

And remember, everything has a solution if you look for one!