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Five Personal Injury Legal Facts to Know Before Making A Claim


Whether you are involved in a severe car accident or perhaps a loved one, you may include severe injuries, which may affect the rest of your life one way or another. Immediately after an accident, the most crucial thing amongst everything surrounding you is recovering and getting back on your feet. However, once the dust has settled, there are legal issues that you may need taken care of by a professional attorney. Legal Facts

Five Personal Injury Legal Facts to Know Before Making A Claim

If you suffer severe injuries in the event of a car accident, you will need to get a personal injury legal attorney. With an impeccable winning and settlement reputation, Lamber Goodnow injury lawyers Denver have the expertise and experience in individual injury cases. To help you understand personal injury legal claims, here are a few facts you need to know.  

Make Your Injury Claim in Time 

Many personal legal cases have a specified window, usually three years to start legal proceedings. Three years may seem like a long time to lodge a claim; however, the time may flash before your eyes if you have suffered severe injuries. The recovery and healing process post severe personal injuries take time and should not be underestimated. This time includes extensive rehabilitation sessions. 

During the recovery process, it will take you and your family some time to adjust as it affects them too in many ways. Without realizing this, the claims window may close before you even choose the proper legal representation, so giving yourself a deadline before the window closes will help push you to action. 

Choose the Right Law Firm for Your Claim 

The importance of choosing the right law firm to handle your case cannot be stressed enough and finding a firm that specializes in personal injury claims may be challenging. Although most law firms offer a wide range of legal services, a few firms focus on personal injury claims, and even they differ in the services provided. For proper representation, it’s critical to understand and differentiate between general lawyers and those who are serious injury lawyer. A law firm dealing with numerous law fields will focus on securing compensation on your behalf. 

However, a severe personal injury law will not only ensure a reasonable settlement but also go as far as building a life-long relationship with you for as long as you need legal assistance. Apart from experience in injury legal matters, looking into the firm’s reputation is crucial, so take your time in appointing the right law firm to look after your best interest in negotiations and one who considers your recovery. 

Ability to Change Your Law Firm 

When you are in a position where you feel misrepresented, and you think that your chosen law firm is not looking after your best interest, you should not be obligated to stay with them until the verdict. It happens that people opt for the wrong legal representation, and you will be pleased to know that you can change law firms. Many reasons can make you uncomfortable working with your current law firm. The case may be too complicated for their experience; an under qualified lawyer may be assigned to your lawsuit. No matter the reason, you or your loved one have a right to seek a new law firm to handle your case, and they can start by arranging the case transfer on your behalf 

Personal Injury Cases Take Time

Personal Injury cases are known to take a long time before a settlement is reached, they are complex, and circumstances differ in injuries and specifics. A personal injury case can take anything from two to three and many years, depending on numerous factors. A good lawyer will represent your best interests and keep you posted at every stage of your case before you even ask, and should you ask, your lawyer should be in a position to explain the status of your case in detail. To put your mind at ease, good communication with your lawyer is essential and knowing that your life’s injuries will be taken into consideration when negotiations are ongoing.  

Your Case May Not End in Court 

Not many people are comfortable and look forward to going to court. The thought of going to court comes with the pressure and anxiety, from taking the stand to give a statement in front of people in a pin-drop silent courtroom to the unknown outcome that awaits. Although most personal injury cases reach an agreement before they get to court, some cases go to court when the two sides cannot reach an agreement or disagreements about who to blame for the accident. Should your case need to go to court, you need to place your trust in your lawyer and the justice system to be on your side.