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Five Simple Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel


Five Simple Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel : Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting facts on how to prevent to getting sick while traveling abroad. Getting sicker is a part of everyday life of every individual, and getting sick on the road doesn’t feel you from that fact, especially when you travel itself it exposes you to a whole new range of bugs, parasites, and of course the environments. The exact fact of the matter is the longer you are traveling somewhere, then more likely you are to pick up a bug or two other ranges of bugs.

The most importantly to minimizing the chances of getting sick, however, it is to actively overcome the risk factors of becoming sick in the first place. There is a saying called “Prevention is far better than any cure”. These are the main Prevention factors to avoid getting sick while you traveling abroad.

Five Simple Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel

1. Always Wash Your Hands

Five Simple Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel

Hand washing hygiene is the most essential habit to stop the spread of the infections and can automatically reduce your chances of causing the diseases of diarrhea, vomiting, food poisoning, gastroenteritis, flu, norovirus, MRSA, or even hepatitis A. Many travelers are carry small bottles of hand wash gel, and these are a great in use and take as a backup, but they are not a replacement for good and old soap and water. So, it is better wherever possible, always wash your hands with under hot water and wash your hands for at least thirty seconds before and after eating and also always make sure after going to the toilet.

2. Drink Bottled Water

Five Simple Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel

When you are not to be sure of the purity of the local water which you are traveling in many areas where the sanitation is not that in great importance, then you should go without forgetting that you should avoid the local tap water. Even if you drink in the locals without any problems, then your stomach may not have the right bacteria to protect you from becoming ill, So, it is much better to avoid the local water and even the ice in your drinks. In some of the countries they don’t purify their tap water.

I recommend that at the very best of all at least you should always drink the bottled water and the double-checked water bottle in which the seal is intact on the bottle top too, just because many of the common scam is to sell the bottles which refilled with the tap water again. It is also a good thinking to use the bottled water to brush your teeth every day. But personally what I prefer to always use a water bottle with already built the filter in it and as this also reduces the need to buy more bottles of water continuously,  as it will saving both the money and the environment.

3. Be Careful of Food Contamination

Five Simple Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel

Contamination of Food is one of the biggest causes of traveler’s as it causes diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems on the any travel adventure. If you are not giving more careful with your food while on travels, you could potentially to be exposing yourself to causing diseases like diarrhea, E. coli, Shigella, Salmonella, Giardia, Entamoeba hystolytica, Campylobacter, Cryptosporidia, Cyclospora, cholera, and many more. You should always ensure that as much as the possibility that any food you eat is fresh, cooked well, and served the food hot. I love the street food, as you can see how clean the cooking environment of street food is and make sure that the food is often prepared right in front of you. But looking out the signs of good hygiene that practice at any street food stall you eat at. Do you really felt the person handling the food wear disposable gloves and he change them frequently? Do you felt that the person who is cooking the food remove the gloves and replace gloves every time when they handle cash? Is hand washing a regular happen? Is raw food which are left out in the open place or the food is stored correctly? These things may seem inconsequential but they are important in every person. You probably are not going to avoid a bit of stomach upset when completely while on your travels.  Especially if you are traveling in for the long term, but if you are really aware of the good food hygiene practices in your daily habits and follow them as much as possible, then you can have the chances at the very least and minimize the risk of becoming ill.

4. Try and Stay Active

Five Simple Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel

One of the best ways to stay fit your body and healthy and also to fight off with the unwanted infections is the exercise only. The benefits of exercise are called to be and well-constructed as it improves your overall health and the well-being and lastly strengthens your immune system of the body as well, which makes you less chances to illness. And if you do get sick regularly then, your body is better able to fight off the infections and more quickly you get back on your feet. It isn’t a foolish proof, of course, nowadays because the fit people still are getting sick, but in general cases the fitter you are, the better your body will be at avoiding off that disturbing bug or illness. I always try and maintain a healthy lifestyle to live free of many illness, and that doesn’t change because I am traveling. If you are not active or fit your body before you start traveling, then use it as an excuse to start the exercises regularly and go on a jungle trek, go up a mountain, swim in the sea, go for a jogging whatever tickle that your follow as long as it gets to you a little out of breath.

5. Protect Yourself Against the Sun

Five Simple Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel

Sunburn or expose to sun can seriously ruin a good travel experience. Always use the sun protection creams with at least of having it SPF 30. Protecting yourself from the sun goes beyond the getting of bad sunburn though. You should also stay well hydrated thoroughly while if you are traveling in a country or region with a hot or tropical climate, and as well as cover up yourself with the loose clothing and even a hat or scarf as possible. If you don’t, then dehydration can set in your body very quickly, and because of that can lead to more serious conditions such as exposure, more heat exhaustion, and heatstroke on your body, which if it left carelessly then it can become a medical emergency too.

So, these are the main points to aware you how to prevent getting sick while you traveling abroad. These are more relevant and important points that every person should catch it and follow these tricks in the daily life. If any Queries or Question is persist then please feel free to comment your view points.

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