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Fortnite Search Between a Mysterious Hatch

Fortnite Search Between a Mysterious Hatch

Fortnite search between a mysterious hatch : Where To Look For A Mysterious Hatch, A Giant Rock Lady, And A Precarious Flatbed In Fortnite.

Fortnite Search Between a Mysterious Hatch

The winter-themed Season 7 of Fortnite: Battle Royale is coming to an end in the next few weeks.

The map has been covered in snow. Cube monsters disguised as Ice Fiends have reappeared.

A new set of tasks has just been released to help you gain Battle Stars and level up to Tier 100, as well as unlock the Ice King skin.

We’re also only a week away from finding out what the unique Snowfall skin is, as we won’t know until we’ve accomplished all 60 challenges (this week will only get you to 56).

Week 8’s challenges, in any case, include another “Search Between” quest.

Players must look for a secret hatch, a massive rock lady, and a perilous flatbed this time around.

“Precarious Flatbed” nearly sounds like a country band name. It appeals to me. (To see the map, scroll down.)

The locations in question can be found in the northeastern part of the map.

The mystery hatch has been around for a long time, and it’s been compared to the Lost hatch.

It can be found in Wailing Woods, which is located in the northeastern part of the forest. This is how it appears:

The enormous rock woman is located on a hill just to the south of Wailing Woods.

In the header image of this post, you can see what she looks like. Keep an eye on her because she can start moving or shifting her position.

Finally, the perilous flatbed is located on the cliff on the map’s very edge, just to the east of these other sites. It’s the most perilous-looking semi-truck I’ve ever come across:

When you triangulate all three of these points, you’ll find a hill in J3’s southwestern corner.

The Battle Star will appear if you get to the piece of dry land in the middle of the snowy slope.

It’s worth 10 Battle Stars, or one Tier, bringing you closer to Tier 100 and the Ice King skin, as well as the Snowfall challenge skin.

We had to choose between a gigantic rock man, a crowned tomato, and an encircling tree a few weeks ago, making this the season’s second “large rock person” challenge.

I’m curious if these are significant in and of themselves, aside from the challenges. Will these colossal rock figures play a role in Season 8?

It wouldn’t be the first time in Fortnite that big statues loomed large. We’ll have to wait and see.

While we’re in Week 8 of Fortnite’s seventh season, Season 8 isn’t due out until the end of February, so there will be some downtime between the completion of the challenges and the start of the next season.

It’ll be interesting to see what Epic Games has planned…

Update: Here’s a quick video I made to show you exactly where you should land for this challenge:

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