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Full form is a primary category of chopnews. In Full form Category we cover the full form of every industry like education, health, defence, IT, polytics and many more. So if you want to know the full form of your industry stay tuned with chopnews.

SMS Full Form

SMS Full Form: What Is SMS And About All Details

SMS Full Form: Short Message Service is the full form of SMS. It is simply a standardized protocol of interaction that is used to...
ISP Full Form

ISP Full Form: What Is ISP And About All Details

ISP Full Form: Internet Service Provider  is a company that provides access to the Internet. An Internet service provider (ISP) is a corporation that provides...
RTI Full Form

RTI Full Form What Is RTI And About All Details

RTI Full Form: of the Right to Information Act, or RTI, is a groundbreaking law in India that strives to increase transparency in government...
Google Full Form

GOOGLE Full Form And History

GOOGLE Full Form: Global Organization of Oriented Group Language There is some debate as to whether Google has a full form or is simply a...
HCL Full Form

HCL Full Form What Is HCL And About All Details

HCL Full Form: Hindustan Computers Limited is the abbreviation for Hindustan Computers Limited. It is a global Indian information technology (IT) service and consultancy firm...
BC Full Form

BC Full Form: What Is BC And About All Details

BC Full Form: Before Christ is a term used to describe or number years. The abbreviation BC stands for Before Anno Domini (AD) or...