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Gary, Indiana, On Lockdown After Mass Shootings


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After several shootings within 24 hours, Gary, Indiana is now under lockdown. Two people were killed and seven others were injured, according to authorities.

One man was killed in a confrontation with police on Tuesday afternoon. It happened in the 1500-block of Chase Street, state police said.

Police say gunman killed two people at a July Fourth block party

People across the nation are still dealing with the effects of the shooting death at the July Fourth Block Party in Gary, Indiana by a gunman. The attack was one of several mass shootings across the United States over the holiday weekend.

The Highland Park shooting sparked a national debate over gun violence. This was the most prominent attack of the weekend, and likely reignited discussions on how to reduce mass shootings in America.

According to police, the shooter, wearing women’s clothes in order to blend with the crowd, opened fire on Monday as Fourth of July festivities were taking place in the suburb. The shooter emptied at least two 30-round magazines from his rifle and then climbed down before fleeing, police said.

In a shooting incident at a nightclub, two people were shot to death.

A shooting at a nightclub early Sunday left two people dead and four others wounded, one of them critically, in Gary, Indiana. The incident happened just before 2 a.m.

Police said that a 34-year old man was discovered near Playo’s Nightclub, in the 1700 block, Grant Street. A 26-yearold woman was also found there. They were both unresponsive, and they were later declared dead.

The Lake County (IN) Coroner’s Office identified the victims as Jonte Dorsey, 34, of Joliet, Illinois and Jah’Nice Quinn, 26, of Merrillville, Indiana.

Police are investigating the incident. Police say that multiple agencies were called to assist due to the large number of people who needed to evacuate and the victims.

In an officer-involved shooting, a man was shot to death.

According to police, one man died in an officer-involved shooting in Gary on Tuesday morning. Officers were dispatched to the home of an individual who was armed with a gun and had barricaded himself in there.

The man was shot twice, according to police. He was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Gary, like other Rust Belt towns, has had to deal with a variety of issues over the last few decades, including crime, unemployment and social problems. The city’s population is down more than 50% since 1960, when it was at its highest. Many of the homes in this area are now abandoned.

Gary was once a prosperous steel town but overseas competition and restructuring of the industry led to a decline in population, leaving many people out of work and struggling to make ends meet. A third of the city’s houses are now empty and the city is facing a number of social problems, such as poverty and ghettoization.

After his brother’s funeral, a man was shot to death.

The man’s brother had just died in October, and the family was preparing to have lunch together. The family rented a hall in a church to host the dinner.

But as they were getting ready to eat, someone opened fire. The gunman killed the man and wounded another.

He was taken to a hospital.

Demetrius Townsel, Jr. (12 years old), was a happy and funny boy who enjoyed playing video games. He also aspired at being a basketball player. His family remembers him as “a very good kid.”

The two brothers were cousins, whose family members said they grew up close. They spent a lot of time together.

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