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Story of a Model Geetanjali Nagpal from Ramp to a Beggar

Geetanjali Nagpal
Geetanjali Nagpal

Story of a Model Geetanjali Nagpal from Ramp to a Beggar: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some interesting information on the topic Story of a Model Geetanjali Nagpal from Ramp to a Beggar.

Model Geetanjali Nagpal is a Navy officer’s daughter, who went to study in the college of Lady Shri Ram College in Delhi. She had a successful career in the Fashion industry.

She is now a 32-year old woman, who was known for walking down walkways, was found living off the street begging for basic needs of food and spending nights in the temples and parks.

Story of a Model Geetanjali Nagpal from Ramp to a Beggar

Geetanjali Nagpal
Geetanjali Nagpal

Yes, it is right heard. The Supermodel, who walked many ramps and left her name in the glamourous industry, model Geetanjali’s sad story had just taken yet another weird turn. This is one horrifying turn in the fields of Glam and Fashion.

Renowned celebrity, who was into the connection of heavy drug-taking, partying, heavy drinking. These are all found story in newspapers, articles in the magazine. After being identified by peoples, she was captured on Cameras and media.

This news spreads the word in the lives of people and the dark side of the Fashion industry. She abused many people, whoever tried to approach her.  She was first taken to the police station by the Delhi Commission for Women and then to the hospital which deals with mental health.

Many of the people stated, that, when they took her off the streets, her mental level and her physical health was not in a good condition. Geetanjali was striking with her bad condition. She had rashes all over her body and was irritable. Geetanjali was wearing a black skirt and a corset. Geetanjali was taken in the car to a hospital.

Model Geetanjali Nagpal

Geetanjali Nagpal
Geetanjali Nagpal

When they are reached, she did not let down from the car and was scared to face too many peoples and media around. Three of the psychiatrists talked to her in the car and they later, said she had poor hygiene and had not eaten food for a few days.

She was later sent to a rehabilitation center.  Although model Geetanjali’s doctor is hopeful that she will return to the fashion world as a professional, he puts her in a word of caution.

Geetanjali Nagpal In Delhi

Metro, now in Newspaper she was first spotted in South Delhi’s Hauz Khas Village and started clicking off some pictures, where she posed for the following newspapers. She made the T-shirt down her shoulders and posed.

She even promised to be a model for a better reward: a swim in the five-star hotel. But after this phase of her life and coming in the newspapers now, Geetanjali was back among the news. She has chased many TV reporters and media.

Now the Delhi Commission for Women, which is a government body and it promotes the interests and welfare of women that rescued the model. They are also making an effort to stop the movie which was inspired by model Geetanjali’s life by director Madhur Bhandarkar.

Making efforts to stop the role from being showed in this movie. The director said recently that actress Kangana Ranaut’s role was also written much before the entire model Gitanjali Nagpal episode.

With the film’s nationwide release this week, the commission told the director that the movie reacts to something, giving on the role which is played by the actress Kangana Ranaut, is meant to be based on model Nagpal, who is a convent-educated daughter of a navy officer. Barkha Mathur.

The Head of the commission said we took Geetanjali off the streets and the movie has been released at a very wrong time because at this moment she is recovering from her illness and experience.

So, these are the points which are showing the reality of Model Geetanjali. See no one is dreams of a beggar in life after living a splendid life in a Glamourous industry. But this is a circumstance that she created her own or don’t know if any story behind her to be like.

The Rehabilitation center will take care of her and she will recover from her past and come out with a perfect result to be a Supermodel again and got opportunities in the movies too.

If any Queries or Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment on your viewpoints.

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