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Ghost of Tsushima PC Release Date Steam


Ghost of Tsushima PC : The New PlayStation Purchase Will Have Huge Consequences For PC Releases

Sony has previously stated that more PlayStation games should be available on PC, and they appear to have just taken a huge step in that regard.

Ghost of Tsushima PC

Nixxes Software is “joining PlayStation Studios,” according to Hermen Hulst.

I, like you, had never heard of the Dutch firm before, but they’ve worked on a number of high-profile PC versions in the past, including Deus Ex, Tomb Raider, Thief, and Hitman.

Working with Square Enix, Eidos, and Crystal Dynamics almost entirely. The majority of those ports are well-known for their quality, so you can guess what the end goal is.

This appears to signal that PlayStation has major plans for its first-party IPs on PC in the future, which will help them compete more effectively with Xbox, where all first-party games are insta-released on PC as soon as they are launched.

Although it appears unlikely that Sony will follow Microsoft’s lead and launch both a PC and a console at the same time, this might mean that we won’t have to wait years for ports, and we’ll likely see more of them now that Nixxes is on board.

Sony has had a lot of success with PC versions of its older games, as they’ve regularly topped the charts after their release, even years after their console debut.

PC ports are very inexpensive (in comparison to developing a whole new game), but they can still be quite profitable.

Given the condition of what Microsoft has been doing for a while now, and how much success they’ve had with even minimal PC porting thus far, this is a logical move from Sony.

I’m sure we’ll hear more about Sony’s future intentions for PC soon enough, and even if we don’t get to day one release parity, any improvements in port speed and quality should be a huge help to the PlayStation ecosystem.

Uncharted 4 is rumoured to be the next PlayStation PC conversion, but it’s unclear whether Nixxes has anything to do with it.

Ghost of Tsushima and Bloodborne are also rumoured to be on the way. Just a month ago, we received the following quote from Hermen Hulst:

“At launch, PlayStation will continue to be the finest destination to play our PlayStation Studios titles.”

It’s the best spot, but it’s not the only one. We’ll have to wait and see how things turn out.

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