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True Story: The Girl in the Basement


“The Girl in The Basement” is a true story about the mysterious disappearance of a woman. This article will tell you about Elisabeth Fritzl’s disappearance and the sexual abuse she suffered by Josef Fritzl. We will also discuss her relationship with Thomas Wagner, and the disappearance of their couple.

Stefanie Scott as Elisabeth Fritzl

Girl In The Basement True Story

“Girl in the Basement” is an eerie horror film that was inspired by the story of Elisabeth Fritzl. She was locked up in her father’s basement for 24 years. It is a disturbing, gruesome story. She was sexually abused and perspired heavily. Finally, she was forced to retake pornographic movie scenes. She was also drugged using ether.

Based loosely on Elisabeth Fritzl’s true story, the film is loosely adaptable. As a child, her father took her hostage and held her captive for many years. In a letter, she wrote about her experience. It was finally discovered in 2008.

Elisabeth lives now with six of her children, in a small Austrian hamlet. Security personnel monitor her house via CCTV cameras. To help overcome trauma, the family attends weekly therapy sessions.

Sara, her daughter, is 18 years old and wants to leave her parents’ home. She wants to travel for her 18th birthday. Elisabeth and her children have a strong bond. The family’s story is very well received by the locals.

Josef Fritzl’s sexual abuse against Elisabeth

In the 1980s Elisabeth Fritzl, her father, was holding her captive. For 24 years, she was kept in a cellar. Josef Fritzl kept her locked up, and she abused her sexually at least three times per week.

It was approximately 1.7 meters tall. There was no sunlight and dirt walls. Elisabeth was threatened by her father with death if they tried to flee.

Elisabeth, then 18, went into hiding. Since she was 11, her father had been abusing Elisabeth. She was raped seven times by him. He also shoved her into the cellar, and covered her mouth with a cloth. She fell asleep. He threatened to kill her and her kids if she tried to flee.

Josef Fritzl was a cruel man who abused Elisabeth over many years. Rosemarie was also raped by Fritzl. He forced Rosemarie to write him letters. He also informed her that he was building an nuclear shelter.

Elisabeth and Thomas Wagner’s love story

Elisabeth Fritzl was raped and drugged by her father. She has since rebuilt her life and fallen in love with Thomas Wagner, her ex-bodyguard. They reside in Austria in an anonymous area with their six children.

According to legend, Elisabeth was kept in a cellar for over two decades while her father raised the children upstairs. Only after one of her children became seriously ill did she escape. She had to follow strict rules to protect her identity during this period.

Elisabeth was held in prison for 24 years. In 2008, she was released. Now, she lives in a house in Austria with her six children. Security personnel and CCTV are constantly monitoring her home.

Elisabeth’s past was full of trauma and pain. However, after Thomas Wagner arrived, her therapy progress was greatly improved. She stopped attending weekly psychiatric appointments. Her relationship with Thomas Wagner was said to have given her new strength.

Elisabeth’s disappearance

“The Lorenskog Disappearance” is a crime drama that is based on Anne Elisabeth Hagen’s true story. Five perspectives are offered on the case.

Tom Hagen, a millionaire, was married to Anne Elisabeth. The couple had five children. Tom Hagen never provided any evidence that his wife was kidnapped. He found out that his wife had been abducted only after he returned home to find her missing.

Anne-Elisabeth Hagen vanished without a trace in Norway, October 2018. Hagen was arrested only in April 2020, after the case was kept secret at first.

Tom Hagen and Anne-Elisabeth, Tom’s wife, were married at 18 years of age. They had five children but two of them were abducted.

Initial suspicions of Tom Hagen being involved were made by police, who then sought a motive. The investigation led to Josef Fritzl being suspected, who was Elisabeth’s father.

After a ransom note demanding nine millions euros in unknown cryptocurrency was left on the scene, this was followed by a retort. Police were given a deadline of 10 weeks to make a decision.

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