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Hawks Bnha: Is A Slender And Narrow-built Man


Hawks Bnha: is a slender and narrow-built man of average height. He has stated that his back muscles are insufficiently broad. He has strong eyelashes.

Fluffy ash blonde hair brushed backwards with some of the front tufts sticking out in arcs above his head, and some faint stubble on his chin.

His eyes are gold-brown and trapezoidal in shape, with two small black triangles right below his tear ducts, giving them a bird-like appearance. Because he had them as a child.

The marks around his eyes appear natural. His Quirk bestows on him a pair of huge brilliant red wings with feathers that get longer as they descend.

He is dressed in a black shirt with a wavy golden design that resembles a ripple in a pond, over which he wears a tan jacket with a high collar and white fur lining on the insides and cuffs of the sleeves, as well as black gloves.

Hawks Bnha Is A Slender And Narrow-built Man

Hawks Bnha

He has a red square-shaped lobe piercing in each ear, but it is rarely visible because he normally wears yellow headphones over it. His headphones are most likely for protection, as the speeds at which he moves are capable of permanently injuring eardrums.

His eyes are protected by a circular, yellow-tinted visor (blue in the manga), probably from UV rays above the clouds and fast-moving dirt particles.

His garment has been particularly tailored to accommodate his wings, with two huge openings over his shoulder blades.

His outfit is similar to that of an aviator.

Keigo briefly donned a respirator mask device and talked using a voice simulator through his phone after the Paranormal Liberation War and several injuries caused by Dabi, as his vocal chords were presumably wounded and his wings were burned off.

He’s recovered from his wounds as of the Tartarus Escapees Arc, but his wings have yet to be entirely restored. Because his vocal cords have recovered, he can now speak, and his hair has been trimmed much shorter.

Hawks Bnha Personality

Keigo is revealed to be emotionally as well as logistically brilliant. His casual and joyful demeanour belies his continual alertness, which is often hidden beneath layers of peace and equanimity. Keigo appears laid-back while being on high alert, and at times appears rude.

Keigo obeys the HPSC’s directives without question, albeit with a smattering of scepticism. Keigo, on the other hand, despises formalities and is frequently unpredictably cocky and insulting.

He doesn’t care about social position or attention, therefore he appears casual and jokingly deferential. Keigo employs a lot of sarcasm, such as when he agrees calmly when Katsuki Bakugo claims to be faster, and when someone believes he is inferior, he reacts with ironic adaption.

Keigo feels that the most essential criterion by which a Pro Hero should be judged is popular approbation, because it is a hero’s job to put the citizens at ease, something he argues he is incapable of doing.

Keigo prefers the lower hero ranks because they provide him more freedom and allow him to dodge the responsibilities of being a top hero. He expresses his desire to patrol in a relaxed, unhurried manner and “take it easy.

Despite this, Keigo is known to be ruthless in his Pro Hero duties, realising the significance of having a leading figure among all heroes following All Might’s retirement.

When he’s around people he likes, Keigo is incredibly conversational and can casually hold a long one-sided conversation while concurrently assisting dozens of individuals in his area of influence.

He also states that he will work tirelessly to achieve his goals. Despite his bird-like quirk, he appears to have a particular fondness for bird-based cuisine, indicating that he is a hawk.

Keigo’s cleverness has been demonstrated several times, including when he outwits his surveillance monitors and plans his activities ahead of time in order to have answers for the Hood-incident.

He is more logical and foresighted than other Pro Heroes, which gives him the highest chance of going covert. He’s also shown his brilliance through his investigative work, deducing the truth behind One For All and its relation to All Might and Izuku Midoriya in a short amount of time.

He may then use his analytical skills to try to understand One For All and All For One better. He is the one who theorises that All For One could never steal the Quirk because he lacks the requisite hatred.

In high-pressure situations, such as during the Japanese Hero Billboard Chart, he appears comfortable. As he always strives to get his message across, Keigo’s gestures are vibrant, expressive, and extremely customised.

He claims to be “poor at keeping it in,” despite the fact that he has great control of his facial expressions and body language, indicating that he is an expert liar. However, it appears that he cherishes the truth and finds lying to be too taxing.

These characteristics let him readily join the Liberation Army, and his modest shift in motivation efficiently relayed information about the Liberation Army’s goals and leadership change to Endeavor.

While Keigo appears uninterested in most things, he has a kind heart, as he protects every single witness from Hood’s attack and is privately irritated at the strain of maintaining his double agent act in the middle of a cabal of crooks and terrorists. He’s also remorseful over Endeavor’s scar, having lured the High-End attack into a small area to minimise deaths.

While he appears comfortable and unchallenged, as most prodigies do, he is in fact a hard worker who is constantly under pressure in his hero career. He is said to have spent many hours honing his wing techniques, honing his rescue, support, and fighting abilities.

His father used to keep him locked up in the house so no one could find and kidnap him as a child, and he was unable to interact with the outside world or anyone his age. As a result, he assumed that the heroes he watched on television were only fictional figures at first.

In addition, his father abused him physically and emotionally on a regular basis. Keigo would be booted for just turning his back on his father, who would always declare that it would have been better if Keigo had never been born.

Keigo suppressed his feelings after seeing how devastated both of his parents were and became resolved not to suffer the same fate. Despite the mental pain inflicted by both parents, Keigo displayed tremendous inner strength and intelligence as a child, since he was adamant in his determination to be a decent hero like Endeavor.

Keigo demonstrated his ingenuity and strength when he and his mother were forced out onto the streets, and after being tormented by his mother for asking why she even had Keigo or what good his wings were, he became determined to be useful.

Saving the lives of many people in a high-speed incident, attracting the attention of the Hero Public Safety Commission, and rescuing him and his mother from poverty.

Hawks Bnha was determined to become a hero like his idol, Endeavor, despite his problematic past and being taken in by a corrupted government who viewed him as a substitute for Lady Nagant over the years as he was groomed by the HPSC to become an undercover double agent for the safety of society.

Unlike his superior, he maintained his optimism and looked up to his idol even after Dabi’s public recording, exposing the abuse he caused to his family, still supporting him and even going so far as to expose his own past for Endeavor’s sake, believing that, unlike his own father, Endeavor had truly changed for the better.

Keigo’s optimistic side is what drives him to look for the good in others, possibly due to his own personal guilt over never really forgiving his mother, which he commends Shoto for after learning of his mother’s reunion. Along with his faith in Endeavor and seeing him grow.

And Lady Nagant, who he still believes has the heart of a hero despite her turn to the dark side, the best example of this is Twice, with whom he develops a genuine friendship even while undercover, possessing a desire to help the villain rehabilitate, even if the plan ultimately fails.

Hawks Bnha Abilities

Overall Abilities: Prior to All Might’s retirement, Keigo was ranked third among Japan’s Pro Heroes, but following All Might’s retirement, he rose to second. Keigo entered the top ten Pro Heroes when he was eighteen years old, rising to No. 3 in the four years that followed.

making him Japan’s youngest top Pro Hero as well as the fastest to achieve such a high ranking. Keigo is quick and clever, and he has remarkable control over his Quirk, Fierce Wings, which he mostly uses for flight, high-speed fighting, and boosting his teammates’ mobility with detachable feathers.

Keigo showed exceptional talent and prowess even as a toddler, saving numerous people in a large car collision at 130 km/h by himself. Despite his strength, Keigo is cognizant of his Quirk’s vulnerability and will only use his quills if absolutely necessary.

Keigo uses his plumes as bladed weapons to compensate for his Quirk’s inability to increase his total raw strength. Keigo’s celerity allows him to slice through adversaries quickly or fire smaller plumages from his wings like daggers.

Keigo’s total Quirk proficiency helped him to become a top Pro Hero as well as one of the world’s fastest fighters. Keigo subdues common criminals so swiftly that his subordinates are merely there to clean up after him while he moves on to his next victim.

While enjoying a wandering discussion with Endeavor, Keigo used his feathers to help residents and animals, as well as catch villains, without even looking. Hawks Bnha was able to successfully evacuate 76 individuals from the falling skyscraper before assisting the Flame Hero against the High-End Nomu when Hood emerged and engaged Endeavor.

All of this demonstrates Hawks’ ability to multitask and be acutely aware of his surroundings. Hawks’ greatest strength, on the other hand, is his incredible speed. Hawks Bnha can keep up with the High Ends’ Nomu Hood, who has been shown to totally outrun Endeavor, a combatant with excellent reflexes.

Hawks Bnha was then shown to travel from the top of a tower and catch two villains at such a rapid pace that Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo were unable to keep up with him. Hawks has also demonstrated his ability to wield his feathers as weapons.

• Keigo’s Enhanced Sight: Keigo has a keen sense of sight. Keigo was able to see Endeavor among hundreds of citizens from the top of a building, indicating that he possesses extraordinarily good vision.

Keigo has frequently demonstrated that he is a highly intelligent man. Even if he lacks the sheer power of Endeavor and/or All Might, Keigo’s intellect is unrivalled, elevating his value as a hero to that of the two top-tier crime fighters.

In his verbal conflicts with Dabi and Endeavor, Keigo is watchful, calm, and quick-witted. Keigo managed to control a huge number of feathers without looking while conversing in a relatively casual manner, giving the impression that he is unconcerned with the battles going on around him.

During a conversation with Endeavor, Keigo theorised that All For One was hiding more Nomus outside of Kamino than the ones discovered by the Hideout Raid Team inside the Nomu factory, implying that the League of Villains was on the lookout for the hidden set of Nomus. Hood.

Keigo afterwards took proper safety procedures when evacuating the citizens trapped inside the disintegrating structure during the attack by the High-End Nomu. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to secure everyone with the few plumes he had left, the Wing Hero moved his emphasis to those trapped within the damaged portion of the structure, which he was able to do successfully.

Endeavor’s aim to avoid collateral damage was revealed when Endeavor had Keigo utilise his remaining quills to propel him higher into the sky. Keigo investigated the demolished convoy after Endeavor fought Twice’s League of Villains clones, identified the container as a life support mechanism, and concluded it was carrying another Nomu creature.

Only to quickly retract his assumption, thinking the containment unit was supposed to hold something else. The life support pod was designed for the villain Nine, which proved to be right.

Keigo learned over the next week that four Pro Heroes had lost their Quirks during that period, and correctly predicted that the victims’ powers had been stolen by someone with the same Quirk-stealing skill as All For One.

And that the victims had been targeted because their Quirks were useful. Without their knowledge, the feathered fighter was also capable of acquiring crucial information regarding the HPSC’s politics. [5] Keigo even fooled the paranormal Liberation Front’s surveillance while keeping his mask.

Hawks Bnha Angry Wings

Keigo has a pair of enormous, brilliant red, feathery wings on his back thanks to his Quirk. He can fly thanks to these wings, and he can telekinetically control the movement and nature of each individual feather, allowing him to harden them into blades and/or shoot them as projectiles while controlling their speed and course.

The feathers are extremely strong; he can carry a medium-sized object, such as a rock or a human being, with only a single feather, and he can carry larger objects with numerous feathers.

He can readily carry numerous loads at once thanks to his many feathers. He can also sense people’s locations by feeling the vibrations in the air via them in a similar way to echolocation.

Keigo’s wings steadily decrease as he sheds more feathers, limiting his capacity to fly.

It takes at least two days for him to regrow half of his feathers when he loses them entirely, which can be a significant disadvantage. His feathers aren’t limitless, and there are times when he’s short on them.

Keigo has stated that he does not have enough feathers to support a collapsing building, but that he does have enough to evacuate the people. Aside from the limited number of feathers, Fierce Wings’ major flaw is fire, which can burn Keigo’s feathers and severely limit his mobility.

• Feather Blades: Keigo takes two long feathers from each of his wings, manipulates their nature, and utilises them as swords to slash through his opponent. High-End summoned two white Nomu, and they were sharp enough to slice through them. After the attack, he is shown threatening Dabi with a single feather blade.

• Increased Speed: Keigo’s strong suit, he admits, is his incredible speed rather than his muscle power. He was able to reach Endeavor’s enemies from the top of a building in the blink of an eye, and he didn’t even appear to be trying, implying that he is capable of going far quicker. Keigo solves most confrontations so quickly that his sidekicks can’t keep up, thus he usually just leaves the aftermath to them as he goes to the next case.

• Voice Espionage: Keigo can use one of his feathers to detect sounds as they shift in the air, allowing him to decipher conversations and vocal information by sensing vibrations. This tactic makes him a hazardous spy, especially after leaving the room or increasing the distance.

Hawks Bnha’s Trivia

• Hawks’Bnha given name is made up of the kanji for “disclose, open, say” (kei?) and “enlightenment, understanding” (go?) in Japanese, and his surname is made up of “hawk” (taka?) and “see, visible, concept” (mi?) in Japanese.

• Takahiro, a figure from Horikoshi’s previous work Oumagadoki Zoo, inspired Keigo’s design.

• Takahiro, a transplanted character from Omagadoki Zoo akin to Uwabami and Kugo Sakamata, was originally going to be Keigo, but that notion was scrapped in favour of a new design.

• Takahiro would subsequently make a guest appearance in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes in his original design.

• Keigo’s wings and entire appearance are reminiscent to Angel from Marvel.

• Keigo didn’t take a Heroics course in high school; instead, as a child, he was scouted for private Hero education.

• Keigo is the first Pro Hero to claim categorically that he did not attend U.A. High School, making him the highest-ranking hero to do so.

• Yoritomi, the current editor of My Hero Academia, admitted in an interview with Honyasan App that Hawks’ Bnha backstory is based on Lionel Messi’s youth.

He explained to the journalist, “You may be aware with Lionel Messi, an international soccer star, but his biography is that he was scouted and signed by Barcelona at an early age. His father had lost his job and couldn’t afford the hormone treatment Messi required for his ailment, but because to his soccer prowess, FC Barcelona decided to cover the costs.

Messi had to commit to live in Spain and solely play soccer from a young age in exchange for the money. I told Mr. Horikoshi about it during the World Cup. Hawks’ Bnha narrative began the following week, or possibly the week after that.”

• Keigo holds the record for being the youngest Pro Hero and becoming one of the top 10 Pro Heroes on the Hero Billboard Chart JP in the shortest amount of time.

• Despite his bird-like appearance, Keigo’s favourite food is chicken.

• Keigo’s popularity poll ratings are as follows:

• He came in fourth position in the fourth Popularity Poll.

• He came in 11th position in the sixth Popularity Poll.

• He came in seventh position in the sixth Popularity Poll.

• He came in seventh position in the fifth U.S. Popularity Poll.

• Deidoro Sakaki was voiced by Zeno Robinson, Keigo’s English voice actor.

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