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Highway One: Trailer, Cast, Plot, Release date & Review

Highway One

The plot of the new road movie Highway One is a gripping tale of family, revenge and road trip. This movie will sway viewers with its captivating story and memorable characters.

However, before you watch the movie, you must know what to expect from it. Read on for the plot, cast and release date of Highway One.

The film stars James Franco and has an intriguing premise. The plot is told in an absorbing fashion by its three main characters.

Here in this article we have discussed about Highway One movie, trailer, plot, cast, release date and review.

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Highway One plot

Highway One

The Highway One plot is based on the attitudes of several people at a party. While this fictional scenario is based on real life events, the movie is also based on a series of events that occur in real life.

Director Aisha Fabienne Ross creates a film with excellent dialogue that’s both realistic and relatable. The film’s witty tone and real-life setting contribute to a compelling plot.

Highway One cast

“Highway One” is a new thriller that was produced by Rebecca Morandi and executive produced by Neon Heart Productions. The movie stars Aisha Fabienne Ross as Maria and Greta Bellamacina as Ira.

The title of the film is a nod to the Pacific Coast Highway, and the story revolves around a New Year’s Eve party in rural California.

Aisha Fabienne Ross is the lead in the film, while Greta Bellamacina stars as her friend Ira.

The story focuses on nostalgia and feelings that resurface after an old friend returns to the town. Maria is unsure of how to handle Nina’s sudden return.

Nina’s presence is affecting her behavior and making her wonder about the high school days that were once so important to her. But it also raises questions about what happened to Nina after she graduated from high school.

While trying to find answers to these questions, Maria must learn to manage her emotions, which isn’t an easy task.

Highway One release date

The Highway One release date is just around the corner! Earlier this year, the film premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

It is currently scheduled for a UK release on November 5, and it will also be available on VOD in the UK and Ireland.

The story follows the attitude of several people during a party, which is based on real-life events.

The film is directed by Aisha Fabienne Ross, and the cast includes Ivy George, Stella Baker, Colette McDermott, Dan Shaked, Sadie Scott, and other actors.

The film is a nostalgic journey through young adulthood. It explores the relationship dynamics and annoyances of today’s youth.

The film has an impressive cast, including many young actresses who make the characters believable. The focus is on human characters, but their outward appearances are deceiving.

As a result, the film has earned favorable reviews from film festival goers. It’s a film about adolescence, and a young girl’s first kiss can make you want to scream.

Highway One trailer

The movie will also be available on DVD and On Demand from Indican Pictures on September 20, 2022. The trailer was exclusively shared by MovieWeb.

It features the Emmy Award winner Jacqueline Bethany as Mari, a grieving woman who’s accompanied by a Centaur and a mystic.

The film is directed by Rebecca Morandi and executive produced by Neon Heart Productions. The film is based loosely on the Pacific Coast Highway, a rural California highway.

The film stars Aisha Fabienne Ross and Greta Bellamasina. The plot revolves around a girl who has escaped from her abusive family.

However, her harrowing experience makes the film a heartwarming and entertaining journey.

Highway One review

This movie focuses on a New Year’s Eve party for a bunch of millennials who’ve been reconnected through a mutual friend.

Mostly, these people attended the same high school, but one of them was a little bit absent from their lives. Nina left town for New York, where she thrived in the theatre scene.

Her sudden appearance sends Maria, her childhood friend, into a journey of feelings.

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