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How Does Drinking Water Improve Your Mental Health?


70% of our body is made up of water, it is vital to our life, important for our existence, and plays an instrumental role in shaping our health and well-being. Every cell in your body depends on water for regular functioning. Even regular activities that lead to water loss must be replaced with adequate hydration. Our brain also is composed of 70% water and as per research, even a 5% drop in fluids could lead to the loss of energy in the average person and lead to death. In other words, staying dehydrating can cause massive damage to one’s health. Their mental health could also be at risk. But it can be improved with simple steps and techniques. In order to get a better hang and understanding of this, keep reading the post. 

Reduces Signs Of Depression

Increasing water intake reduces signs of anxiety and depression in adults. Recent studies have also suggested the same. According to  World Journal of Psychiatry more than 3,300 people have reported to show lesser signs of anxiety and depression after they upped their water intake. Not just that, participants who had the lowest level of water intake had experienced the symptoms of depression more often. 

Reduces Panic Attack

Drinking enough water per day also reduces signs and symptoms of anxiety. Experts have also said dehydration makes you more susceptible to panic attacks. Not just that, it can also increase your heart rate, aggravate headaches, and more. Hence, the right way to reduce and eliminate panic attacks is by making sure you drink enough water daily.

Manages Mood Swings

Staying hydrated frequently will also manage your mood swings. According to the University Of Connecticut, mild dehydration could alter your mood, energy level, and even the ability to think with clarity. It also suggested that dehydration also hampers you from playing out daily activities. Because of this, you’ll have trouble not just controlling your mood but also notice difficulties in performing usual mental tasks. You may often feel anxiety and tension.

Improves Concentration

Staying hydrated helps improve concentration levels. Studies have also suggested that fatigue & headache are associated with concentration difficulties. Popular studies have also suggested that dehydration can tamper your awareness and motor skills, the opposite of which will help you think with clarity and focus better. In other words, water is also essential. The exchange of toxins and nutrients will also assure alertness and concentration.

Boosts Happy Hormones

Yes, you read that right! Drinking water (at least 8-10 glasses) will keep you well hydrated and boost your happy hormones, leaving you happier than ever. WaterWay also once claimed that hydration plays an important role in staying happy in life. If you aren’t, chances are, you will feel foggy, stressed, and tired all the time. 

How To Improve Your Water Intake For Better Mental Health

  1. Start off by drinking 8-10 glasses of mineral water a day
  2. Do not drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day.
  3. Avoid sugary drinks and artificial juices.
  4. Consume more watery foods like tomatoes, cucumbers, fruits, leafy greens, etc.
  5. Drink more water after exercising. 
  6. Create a program to boost your water intake per day.
  7. Drink cool water as it is easier on the digestive system and stomach. 

If taking good care of your mental health is an important role for you, make sure to focus on staying hydrated. Not just that, do spend time on physical exercise, eating healthy and maintaining boundaries from toxic friends & relatives. If none of them work out, do not hesitate to ask for help or speak to a therapist.