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How much does DJ Moore make? [Latest Update]

How much does DJ Moore make

On top of the guaranteed portion, about $41.5 million remains guaranteed to the Bears. His contract is worth an average annual value of $17.5 million and puts him in a league-wide competition with Diontae Johnson, Kenny Golladay, Tyler Lockett and Christian Kirk for guaranteed money-making opportunities.

Before the trade, the Bears had approximately $90 million in cap space. After it, Brad Spielberger of PFF estimates they now possess around $75 million – leaving them ahead of second-place Atlanta Falcons by roughly $10 million.

Ryan Poles and the Bears chose Moore instead of an additional first-round draft pick to address their need for a No. 1 receiver on their future roster list.

This offseason, wide receiver free agents were considered ineffective. The Bears traded for Moore with capital they already planned on using when trading the No. 1 pick; as a result, they secured an important star receiver under contract for three years.

In March 2022, Moore agreed to a three-year extension with the Panthers for approximately $62 million. He added three years onto his one year extension that had expired prior to 2022, giving him three more years on his active contract; approximately $41.5 million of it is guaranteed.

Moore is set at $17.5 million annually, which puts him in line with top receivers like Diontae Johnson, Kenny Golladay, Tyler Lockett and Christian Kirk. Thus the Bears are getting a great deal on an athlete heading into his prime years of success.

Moore, 25, has played five seasons in the NFL and amassed over 5,200 yards of receiving and 21 total touchdowns. Last season he set a new single-season high with 888 yards and seven scores – his most productive season yet!

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