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How to Boost Your Online Dating Business with Creative Marketing Strategies?


Online Dating Business

Online dating services continue to be a popular business model to invest in. More people are using dating sites now than at any time before.

However, there is a stark contrast between successful websites and those that fail to take root, and the difference is often how the sites are marketed. Take a look at five impeccable marketing strategies to help your night flirt website get on top. 

Send Press Releases to Appropriate Media Sources

Depending on the dating niche you plan o serve, several different media groups will share your interest. New sites will often cover the LGBT community and the businesses that are brave enough to serve just them these days.

So, if your dating service is predicated upon serving the LGBT community, you can reach out to media groups focused on helping these individuals with press releases that detail your perspective and why people should be willing to give your dating service a chance.  

Get Local with Social Media Pages

Generalized dating services were once the best way for people to find romance. However, people soon realized that a better option would be to “niche down,” both from the perspective of the site operator and the users. This works because some forms of dating are inherently specific, like helping people find locals or someone else near by.

A general dating website simply can’t manage that, but a dating service that works in specific areas, even under a larger site umbrella, could help people find local dates. Marketing such a site would be easiest if you went local and reached out to social media pages for specific neighborhoods and cities that would make use of the website.

Of course, some social media pages might not be friendly to the idea of your website getting free marketing, so you may have to set aside a small consideration sum to get them to accept you. Leveraging social media for marketing is a must these days, and you can get the most out of it when you focus on the minutiae of local pages.  

Announce Giveaways for a Certain Number of Signups

People like the idea of getting something extra that sets them apart from other users. If they see themselves signing up for a dating site as an inevitability, then users will tend to gravitate towards the websites that offer them something for joining.

You should try to give something to every user that joins during a certain time and offer something to people who sign in to the website during that same time. That way, everyone feels that they are getting something for being a part of the community, but you get the real benefit of more users. Try adding things like:

  • free “super likes;”
  • a free digital gift;
  • 10 days of free site use, etc.

These offerings will make people jump at the opportunity to join your website, but you have to get the word to them by making banners on your site and using your social media!

Make Your App Fun to Use with Gamification

Think about some of the most famous dating websites right now. They all tend to have one thing in common: gamification. The basic concept of gamifying a website is adding some sort of fun, game-like elements to a non-game environment, like a dating website. Dating websites have managed this in the past by:

  • allowing people to swipe on people they like or don’t like;
  • quick video chats;
  • having a timer on conversations.

These elements make people more willing to use your website, and they keep them around longer. 

Make Video Content That Explains Your Service

Lastly, you can use your marketing push to educate people about your website and its offerings. When combined with social media sites, where people will learn about your service, your chances of getting customers to sign up dramatically increase.

Creating helpful video content will give people insight into your website, show them what they get for being a member, and helps overcome their objections to using a dating service. You can even use these videos to improve the SEO of your website, and that can reap more benefits when people look for localized dating services. Creating videos for your website and disseminating them might sound difficult, but it’s a worthwhile investment. 

Helping people find romance is a worthy business model, but it’s not always easy to reach the upper echelons of this area of business. Fortunately, it’s possible to boost your online dating business with creative marketing strategies like those discussed here.

You need to take a close look at your site’s model and see how you can integrate aspects of gamification and how you can draw people into your site with free offerings. The sooner you make moves to get people on your website, the better off your business will be.