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How to Eradicate Rodents Naturally


Forty percent of mammals are classified as rodents. However, rodent species that usually disturb and damage homes, garages, and yards are mice, and squirrels. To eradicate rodents that roam indoors naturally, close access into the house so that no more animals enter. Place traps (which are safe) and spread natural rodent repellent materials such as peppermint oil in places frequented by pests.

How to Eradicate Rodents Naturally

Meanwhile, to ward off rodents that damage the yard or outdoor area, reduce the source of shelter and food, then spray predator urine around the garden so that pests no longer come. This process takes time and perseverance but can be a safer (and more “friendly”) way to eradicate pests than using chemical poisons. You can also use weep hole cover because it will effectively block rodents out with weep hole covers.

Cover all holes and cracks in the walls of the house that rodents might use as an entrance. Mice can enter through holes in walls or roofs, even the smallest holes so it will be very difficult to close them completely. However, access that is more difficult to pass is enough to prevent animals from entering the house. Check for holes, cracks, or covers/seals that are damaged on the foundation, frame, or window and door frames. Use putty, caulking, or other protective products (eg weather stripping) to fill holes or access into found homes.

Exterminate and remove rodents that are currently still in the house. Use a mousetrap in the form of a clothespin designed to kill pests quickly. Catch pests using live traps (eg, Have-A-Heart product), then take the trap to a place far enough from home (eg 1 kilometer) before the pest is released.

Make your home a place that is not comfortable for rodents so that animals no longer come and nest in the future. Soak the patchwork in ammonia solution and put camphor in an open container, then place both in the corners of the basement, attic, or other areas where rodent nests are nested. Apply peppermint oil on a pole or other area where pests often pass. You can also spread fresh or dried min leaves because both oil and min leaves can repel rodents. Take care of cats. Even if your cat is not a good mouse predator, at least the smell or presence at home can repel rodents.

Buy fox urine, coyotes (eg bobcat) from garden supply stores or hunting supply stores. As an alternative, you can use cat litter products that have been used by friends or neighbors who have cats. Place the litter littered with cat urine in the basement or attic, or wet the cotton with cat urine and place it around these areas. Spread camphor balls in attics or other places frequented by rodent pests. Rats don’t like camphor odor so they won’t come to these places.

Create an environment that does not allow rodents to nest in your yard. Stack firewood with a height of about 45 centimeters from the ground, and place the pile a few meters from the house. Plant shrubs and other large plants with a minimum distance of 1 meter from all house buildings. Place the bird feeder on a pole so that the grain or bird feed cannot be reached by rodents. Make sure all the trash has been put into place (and tightly closed).