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How to Find the Best Memory Foam Pillow


There are many memory foam pillows to choose from. Each pillow has unique qualities, so make sure you find the one you like best. This guide contains our top picks for best-selling pillows to help you choose.



Tempurpedic memory foam pillows have many benefits. They offer support, flexibility and temperature control. Many models include cooling gel layers.

Tempur-Pedic pillows can be made in a number of different shapes, unlike traditional, rectangular pillows.

TEMPUR-Cloud has been Tempur-Pedics number one selling pillow. You can get it in queen or king sizes and you can compress it for traveling.

TEMPUR Cloud is available in three versions: a low-profile version, a middle-height version and a high-loft version.

The ProLo model features a cradling fabric. This pillow is recommended for back and side sleepers.

TEMPUR-Essential is another pillow that Tempur-Pedic offers. It has a sleek, classic look and a bit of soft foam. Some customers find it supportive and comfortable, while others have complained of an odor or give.

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle is a memory foam pillow with soft and supportive contours. The adaptive foam in this pillow allows for it to adapt to your body, providing pressure relief.

It’s also lightweight and supportive. CertiPUR US-certified Tuft and Needle pillows mean the material has not been subject to any harmful chemicals.

Tuft & Needle pillows come with a free 100-night trial, along with a limited 3-year warranty.

They also have a helpful return policy with FAQs that explain how to return a product.

The Tuft & Needle pillow works well for those who are hot-sleeping. Ventilated foam keeps the pillow cool and prevents it from getting too hot. You can machine wash the cover.

WonderSleep Dream Rite

The Dream Rite product family is reviewed in a thorough and detailed review. This includes an honest discussion on their most recent offerings.

Oh-my-cat is the company’s latest member. It has the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, and it’s also a great deal at just one-two buck.

In that spirit, I am reviewing the product line myself and will post a comprehensive review late this week.

You won’t find the holy grail if this is what you want. So what are you waiting for? You can have them for the same price as a burger with fries.

Nest Easy Breather

Nest Easy Breather memory foam pillow is one of today’s best-rated. It offers a breathable, soft surface and a fully adjustable loft.

This pillow has a removable cover and a proprietary blend of foam to promote proper airflow. For added support, the pillow also features a removable liner.

The pillow works well for all sleepers. The shredded memory foam filling is designed to mould to the shape of your head, providing maximum support.

Also, the liner can be easily removed and washed by hand. This prevents any dirt from getting into the pillow. CertiPUR US Certified filling made from special foam blends means it has no harmful chemicals.

Coop Home Goods

The Coop Home Goods Original Pillow, a memory foam pillow is an excellent choice. This pillow has a combination of microfibers and memory foam, making it lightweight and breathable.

Original Pillows come with a removable cover and half-pound of filling. You can adjust the loft and density of your pillow with additional filling.

Original Pillow’s outer fabric is soft and made out of rayon viscose and a blend of polyester derived from bamboo. The Original Pillow’s outer cover has a triangular embossed design, which gives it a luxurious feel.

You can machine wash the Original Pillow. You can either wash it in a delicate cycle, or tumble it at a low temperature.

Separately, you can remove the outer encasement. Keep the zipper close to stop the fill from escaping.