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How To Get Seventh Seraph Weapons


Seraph Weapons : Season of the Worthy in Destiny 2 is approaching to a finish, and while it lacked genuine content, I believe it made up for it (to some extent) with new weapons and armour builds.

Before It’s Too Late, Farm These Six Best ‘Destiny 2’ Seraph Weapons

Seraph WeaponsI’ve already espoused the virtues of Warmind Cells, but I though it was past time to examine what I think to be a generally solid slate of weapons that were neglected at the start of the season, and may still be overlooked now.

Despite the fact that these weapons don’t have standard reload/damage perk pairings, I think they’re still fairly good/interesting.

Even with sunsetting, these will be valuable in content for at least the next nine months, especially because they can create Warmind Cells organically, something no other rifle can accomplish.

So, even if they aren’t all content developer approved god rolls, here are my top drops from each weapon that I think you should be looking for. Each of these has been a lot of pleasure for me.

1. Vorpal Seventh Seraph CQC-12 Autoloading (Shotgun)

This is without a doubt my favourite weapon of the season. It’s a lightweight shotgun that’s already amazing, and it’s been a mainstay of practically every build I’ve done.

Vorpal deals a lot of damage to bosses and champions, plus you can produce a Warmind Cell and blow it up before it touches the ground.

In PvP, I’ve heard Quickdraw/Snapshot is useful when other shotguns are unavailable.

2. Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver: Ambitious Assassin/Timed Payload (Hand Cannon)

Although a hand cannon without a reload perk may appear to be useless, this weapon is a lot of fun, especially once you realise how good Timed Payload is.

And in any season where hand cannons can be used to stun champions, timed payload allows you to do it more frequently and with more damage.

Ambitious is responsible for the little mag, which can hold up to 20 kills with enough kills.

Destiny 2 is a sequel to the popular video game Destiny

3. Full Auto/ SI-2 Seventh Seraph (Sidearm)

With anti-champion mods and the ability to produce Warmind Cells, this has been a really solid tool to employ against bosses and shotgun/super charges in PvP.

4. Swashbuckler Seventh Seraph Carbine/Fourth Time’s The Charm (Auto Rifle)

The Felwinter’s quest may generate and detonate cells at range, which is wonderful.

It took farming a million public events to properly appreciate this. In the entire game, Fourth Time only rolls on two auto guns, including this one.

Building up the mag allows you to easily stack Swash damage, and I appreciate the flexibility of being able to max it out on melee kills as well.

  • Assassin/Dragonfly Seventh Seraph VY-7 5.
  • Assassin/Dragonfly Seventh Seraph VY-7 (Dragonfly)

Well, we’ll all have to replace Recluse at some time, and while it’s not quite as good as Recluse, Ambitious Assassin with Dragonfly is a lot of fun, especially when you consider that a kill with this can generate a Warmind Cell, which Dragonfly can then detonate. Emoji with eyes.

6. Vorpal Seventh Seraph SAW/Clown Cartridge (Machine Gun)

Outside of everyone using Hammerhead in PvP, I still don’t think machine guns have a great place, however this one can roll with both Clown Cartridge and Vorpal, a first for the class on both counts, making it useful for select bosses.

It can also roll Firing Line, but I prefer Vorpal when I’m playing solo.

These are the ones I like best. I recommend that you go purchase them before they sell out.

Bungie has stated that old seasonal weapons will begin falling in special engrams in the future, but farming them will be much, much more difficult with no lost sectors, public events, bunkers, or bounties, all of which are being phased out.

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