If you’re selling your used car, the last thing you want to do is bring in an insurance company to settle on a value of your vehicle. Luckily, you don’t have to, as there are other ways to get cash for your clunker without losing any money at all on the deal. This guide will show you how to sell your used car if it has body damage.

Decide to sell your car

There are different ways to sell your car, depending on what shape it’s in. If you have an older car that’s running just fine, but you want to trade up to a newer model, consider selling your old car as-is and using that money toward buying a new one.

Get in touch with a dealer

Most dealerships will buy damaged cars, if they’re clean and functional. They might not pay top dollar—more than likely, it’ll be a significantly lower amount—but it’s still worth checking in with a dealership if you know that your car will never look new again. But don’t get in touch right away; let your car go through an inspection first. Once you know what its worth, then you can go back to any potential buyers with more leverage.

Communicate on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

While some vehicles are damaged to such an extent that they are worthless, not all of them have to be. Many used cars in Hollywood FL are in perfectly good condition but carry high body damage—including scratches, dents, and scrapes—caused by road debris or parking lot accidents. Selling a vehicle with minor body damage is different from selling one that’s severely damaged.

Confirm the offer

Before showing up at your local used car dealership, confirm that you have a good offer. Research several dealers in your area to find out what they’re paying for damaged cars, and use their offers as a guide when deciding how much to ask for yours. Of course, if you’re trading it in on a new vehicle, that number might be higher than its blue book value.

Answer questions about the car

When you’re trying to sell a used car that has had body damage, it’s important to make sure you answer any questions potential buyers might have. For example, if you say there was an accident but don’t explain what caused it, your potential buyer will likely not be willing to buy. There are a lot of ways to answer these questions so they don’t scare away potential buyers— and us get into those ways in our post.

Take it off your hands

The quickest way to get rid of your damaged car is to sell it. But before you can do that, you need to find a company that’s willing to buy it, which can be difficult if there’s visible damage. A lot of used-car dealers are leery of wrecks, because they’re worried about what’s wrong with them and whether or not parts of them will fall off in transit.

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