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How to Simplify Customer Experience With QR Codes at Restaurants?


A QR code or a quick response code is used by companies and restaurants to improve customer interaction or provide them hassle-free service. The post-pandemic period saw restaurants struggling to get customers back to dine out because people opted for safe contact-less deliveries and eating in the comfort of their homes.

Now all businesses, especially the food & beverages industry is adopting QR codes on a large scale to perform various activities. QR codes in restaurants are used to view the menu, share a review, place an order or even locate the restaurant. Here are a few ways to simplify customer experience with QR codes at restaurants. 

Ways to Use Restaurant QR Code

QR Codes at Restaurants

Optimize Restaurant Menu

After generating a QR code menu for restaurants, you can link it directly to your restaurant’s website or a PDF file. If you wish to keep updating the menu of your restaurant, you can link the QR code to your website and this way your menu will keep updating whenever you make any changes on your website. Restaurants should invest in a mobile-friendly menu that won’t strain their customer’s eyes while going through the menu several times.

Including drool-worthy food pictures of your most-ordered dishes will engage customers to order without spending too much time on the menu. Many restaurants also pop up customer reviews on specific dishes, prompting customers to try them. 

Hassle-Free Process 

QR codes make it super easy and convenient for the customers to check the menu, order food and transact in restaurants. Furthermore, it makes it easier for them to point out their concerns and give feedback to the restaurants. All they need to do is scan the QR code and give their feedback . This helps to reduce direct contact between customers and waiters, thereby protecting both the customers and the restaurant staff. It also provides a seamless experience wherein the customers need not wait for the waiter to get the menu or take the pain of filling out feedback forms manually. 

And despite the world going digital, word of mouth never falls. Customers who use restaurant QR codes are likely to recommend a restaurant to others. This is one of the most effective ways to get positive reviews for your restaurant. Several restaurants are using this marketing strategy to gain more customers. 

Contactless Payment 

Contactless payment is a win-win for all the stakeholders. Its implementation with the help of a QR code in your restaurant can provide a secure method of payment for customers as well as restaurant owners.

If restaurants have an adequate budget, they can invest in a customized app for their restaurant, linked to the QR code. This will be beneficial for restaurants to send coupon codes, discount messages, and happy hour information to the customers and bring them back to the restaurant. Once you learn that you have your customer’s attention on the app, you can request a feedback survey about their experience. 

You can offer a discount to your users if they order home delivery through the app, easing their experience and saving them money. In a way, it can also compete with other food-delivering apps.

Data Collection of Customers

Collecting data from your customer can also be done through a QR code ordering system. For this, customers must provide the contact number or their email addresses while placing an order. This data can later be used to market to customers to increase retention and drive loyalty.

This can help your marketing team to study what dishes get ordered most and what keeps them coming back to the restaurant, growing your business. It will also allow you to personalize guests’ experiences for future visits. You can also ask guests to follow your social media accounts and encourage them to share their experiences with others and promote your business.

Summing It All

The restaurant industry is rapidly growing and evolving every year. From instagrammable cafes to updating Menus according to a certain trend on the internet, every place that becomes famous on the internet becomes worthy of visiting. Restaurants need to upgrade technologically and provide a better experience to customers. 

A QR code generator is essential for all restaurants, irrespective of their type. Along with contactless ordering and dining experience, it also helps the process to be quick and efficient. QR code scanners can increase footfall, accept online reservations and increase traffic on your website. Feedback from honest and loyal customers can also help you understand where you lack and what section of your menu needs a little work.

These factors mentioned above are beneficial to customers as well as restaurant owners. 

Going digital in today’s world is a boon if the drawbacks are studied well and taken care of.

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