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How to Watch Inauguration 2021


You have several options if you want to view the induction of Donald Trump into the office of president of the United States of America in 2021. You can first view the event live on TV. But, it is also possible to watch the Inauguration online.

Security measures

After a violent Trump mob attacked the US Capitol last week, the Secret Service along with other agencies increased their security.

These include fences, extra checkpoints, and vehicle checks. There are also plans to erect fences around the White House and Lincoln Memorial.

During the inauguration, the United States Capitol is closed to public view. The entire 3800 member police force will still be present.

Those who enter the area will be searched for explosives and other prohibited items.

The Washington Monument, in addition to security measures at the Capitol will also be changed. These changes will take effect through January 24th.

Up to swearing in, there is special programming

Different media companies offer special programming in the lead up to Joe Biden’s swearing-in as President of America.

This includes live coverage of the inauguration on broadcast and cable television, as well as radio and digital platforms.

The National Mall will be filled with hundreds of thousands of people.

The traditional ceremony will be followed by a musical performance featuring a variety of stars. Justin Timberlake, Tim McGraw, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Lopez will perform at the ceremony.

On television and radio special programs will also air, covering the swearing in ceremony and coverage of the inauguration parade and Inaugural Address. Some of these programs will be livestreamed.

Swearing-in ceremony

The swearing-in ceremony for Joe Biden and Kamala Hariri can be viewed in several different ways on the 20th of January. You can watch it livestreamed via Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Twitter.

A second way is to see the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony through the Presidential Inauguration Committee.

The committee has placed hundreds of thousands of small flags on the National Mall. These small flags symbolize the people who cannot travel to Washington.

This year’s inauguration will also be held in heightened security due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Several former presidents, Supreme Court justices, members of Congress, and members of the military will be attending the inauguration.

But, the traditional luncheon for the inauguration has been cancelled. The usual round of inaugural balls will be replaced by a primetime special lasting 90 minutes.

Ceremony for the military

The military will perform a ceremony to honour the commander in chief on inauguration day 2021.

As a symbol of democracy in our country and to honor the commander-in-chief, the military will provide ceremonial support for inaugurations.

Thousands of National Guard troops will be in Washington, DC for the inauguration.

The official escort covers one block of the city and they will be there. They will also participate in a special honor cordon, as well as musical units.

The military will be providing ceremonial support at a wide range of events, including the Presidential Inauguration Committee’s art display of 191,500 US flags. The military will provide support for Americans who are not able to attend.

Inauguration Day lighting ceremony

The Inauguration Day lighting ceremony is something to behold, and it will happen one day before the main event. This is, according to official reports, the most significant lighting ceremony in American history.

The ceremony will take place at a variety of places, including the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., as well as the Empire State Building, New York.

While it is obvious that DC is where you should be to witness this event, that isn’t the only way.

All cities are welcome to take part in this event. Some cities are invited to illuminate buildings and light church bells.

Biden’s inaugural address to the nation

This video will show you how to see Joe Biden’s inaugural address. He had plenty of words to offer in his inauguration speech.

The ceremonies of inauguration were held at Washington, D.C.’s US Capitol. They were also televised by C-Span and major news networks.

A few guests were present, such as former Vice President Mike Pence, Senator Ted Cruz and Kevin McCarthy.

Many political speeches feature elaborate and precise rhetorical flourishes. President Biden, however, stressed unity. He spoke out about democracy’s virtues and also the many challenges facing the nation.