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Huge Titan: Its Main Enemy Attack On Titan Series?


Huge Titan: (Chgata Kyojin?) is one of the Nine Titans and the main enemy of the Attack on Titan series’ first three seasons.

This Titan is renowned for its enormous size and great control over the steam emitted by its Titan body, as well as the user’s control over the blast power released during its metamorphosis. It is currently in Armin Arlelt’s custody.

The Colossal Titan originally appeared in 845 during the collapse of Wall Maria, then reappeared in 850 in Trost District.

Huge Titan Series first three seasons

Huge Titan

When transforming, all Titans generate massive amounts of heat and energy, but the Colossal Titan takes it to the next level. Its owner can use the energy released during the change to achieve a variety of outcomes.

When Bertholdt Hoover invaded Trost, for example, his transformation only resulted in a wind blast that knocked a few cadets over the Wall.

Bertholdt, on the other hand, released an amount of energy equivalent to a small nuclear explosive during the Battle of Shiganshina District, which devastated part of the district and set the surrounding area on fire, killing a large number of Scout Regiment soldiers.

Furthermore, the transformation’s tremendous force caused a gigantic mushroom cloud of dust and rubble.

Armin Arlelt also utilises this power to annihilate the Marleyan naval fleet present at the Raid on Liberio in a cataclysmic explosion, sending a massive wave of energy inland and completely destroying the port.

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Colossal Titan is know size | Huge Titan

The Colossal Titan is known for its enormous size, reaching a height of 60 metres, high enough to gaze over the tops of the Walls.

Its massive body mass provides it with tremendous physical strength, yet its enormous bulk causes it to move slowly.

With a single kick, it can smash Wall Maria’s outer gate, rocket entire houses into the air, and launch Eren’s Attack Titan from the ground to the top of Wall Maria.

It’s worth noting that the arms are extremely disproportionately large in comparison to the rest of the body, implying that they’re weaker than the legs.

After his metamorphosis, Armin uses the Colossal Titan’s tremendous strength and stature to assure the destruction of the Marleyan ships and naval port by treading on them.

Emission of steam | Huge Titan

The Colossal Titan’s particular power appears to be substantial control over the amount of steam released by the Titan form.

Titans exude steam from their wounds in normal circumstances, and their corpses totally evaporate into steam after sustaining a fatal blow.

The Colossal Titan has the ability to eject large amounts of steam at will in order to keep people away from its nape. This ability can be put to a multitude of uses.

By ejecting massive amounts of steam all at once, the pressure and force of the steam will burn and repel anyone who is not set in place in close proximity to the Colossal Titan.

And if they’re tethered to him, they’ll be burnt by the Titan’s enormous heat all the time.

Long-term employment of this capacity, however, takes its toll on the Titan, gradually reducing muscle mass until only the skeletal framework remains.

When necessary, the Colossal Titan has the ability to evaporate its entire body at once, disappearing quickly.

This places the user in a vulnerable position, with no way of stopping a fall from a large height where the Titan form used to be. However, if the user is using ODM gear, this disadvantage can be mitigated.

This was seen after the Colossal Titan appeared in Trost and a massive amount of steam was unleashed to prevent Eren Jaeger from reaching its neck, allowing Bertholdt to climb down the wall using the 3D manoeuvring gear.

History | Huge Titan

The Colossal Titan, like the rest of the Nine Titans, was born following Ymir Fritz’s death. The Colossal Titan was held in the grip of one or more of the warring Eldian households obedient to the Founding Titan for 1,700 years after her death.

During the Great Titan War, the Colossal Titan was captured by the nation of Marley after Karl Fritz, the 145th King of the Fritz line, abandoned the kingdom of Eldia and relocated to Paradis Island.

Bertholdt Hoover was chosen to inherit the power of the Colossal Titan in the year 843. He would later employ his Titan form in a conflict between Marley and a foreign nation, using his Colossal Titan in a sneak strike after the Cart Titan had placed him in position, to destroy a city harbouring enemy troops.

The Paradis Island Operation began in 845 when the nation of Marley dispatched Bertholdt, Reiner Braun, Annie Leonhart, and Marcel Galliard across the sea to Paradis Island.

Arc of Shiganshina’s Fall | Huge Titan

When Bertholdt transformed outside the southern gate, terrifying the Shiganshina populace and kicking a hole in the southern gate, the Colossal Titan made its first appearance outside Wall Maria.

Its actions allow the Pure Titans who have wandered outside to invade Shiganshina and begin feasting on the city’s many residents, including Carla Jaeger.

During the turmoil, Bertholdt joined his fellow surviving Warriors in infiltrating the fortified region.

The Struggle for Trost is a storey arc that takes place in the world of Trost.

After the fall of Wall Maria, the Colossal Titan reappears five years later in the year 850, breaching Wall Rose after Bertholdt changes outside Trost District’s south gate so that the Titans might once again consume the humanity inside.

Eren Jaeger, seeking revenge, confronts his Colossal Titan before he can flee. Eren tries to attack the Colossal Titan’s neck, but Bertholdt uses his steam emission control to keep Eren from coming too close.

The Colossal Titan evaporates instantly as Eren battles against Bertholdt’s steam and delivers the final blow. Bertholdt uses his omni-directional mobility gear to flee under the shelter of his Titan’s steam as Eren tries to comprehend the situation.

The Garrison uses the Colossal Titan contingency plan for Trost District as a result of this attack.

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Arc of the Clash of the Titans | Huge Titan

The Warriors postpone their plan to demolish the Walls due to Eren’s possession of the Attack Titan, and instead focus on capturing him, who they assume also has the Founding Titan.

Reiner reveals himself as the Armored Titan and Bertholdt as the Colossal Titan in a moment of tiredness and despair, and the two shift into their Titan forms and attack the Scout Regiment.

Bertholdt confronts the Scouts with a partially converted Colossal Titan while Reiner’s Armored Titan attacks Eren’s Titan.

When the soldiers commanded by Hange Zo are ready to strike, Bertholdt utilises his steam emission control to keep them at a safe distance, and their ODM gear is unable to reach him because to the constant wind gusts.

Bertholdt’s Colossal continues in this condition of emission for a short period of time until Reiner, facing certain defeat in his battle with Eren, pleads for assistance.

Bertholdt falls to the ground below after hearing Reiner’s signal. The Colossal Titan evaporates into a jet of steam, causing a cataclysmic explosion below. Bertholdt abandons his Titan and joins Reiner, who had captured Eren and Ymir in the midst of the mayhem.

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Go back to the Shiganshina arc | Huge Titan

The Warriors are unsuccessful in their attempt to capture Eren and flee to the ruins of Shiganshina District.

Bertholdt apparently does not utilise his Colossal Titan for several months until the fight of Shiganshina District, when he prepares to transform into his Titan over the district to destroy the city.

His plot, however, is thwarted when he sees Reiner alive and in danger, and he turns later after communicating with his former colleagues.

The blast from his transformation engulfs nearly all of Shiganshina’s Scouts and flattens the district’s central portion, forming a mushroom cloud.

Bertholdt, as the Colossal Titan, starts setting fire to Shiganshina’s dwellings with his Titan’s heat, sending the structures soaring through the air, wreaking havoc on the town.

Eren tries to attack the Colossal, but he is kicked to the top of Wall Maria, putting an end to his attack. Squad Levi tries to use their Thunder Spears to attack Bertholdt, but the Colossal’s steam holds them at bay.

However, Armin Arlelt notes the loss of muscular mass caused by each steam blast at this point and devises a strategy to defeat Bertholdt.

Armin reawakens Eren and informs him of his strategy for defeating Bertholdt. Armin grapples to the Titan’s teeth as Eren crashes to the ground below, knowing his ODM gear would not stay attached to the Colossal’s melting flesh.

Bertholdt, desperate to kill Armin as soon as possible, fires a massive volume of searing steam at him, roasting him alive until he can no longer be hooked to his Titan. Bertholdt shifts his focus to Eren after Armin collapses on the ground below.

He realises too late that Eren’s Titan on the ground below is nothing more than its hardened shell, and in his human form, Eren strikes at the Colossal Titan, yanking Bertholdt from the nape as the Colossal Titan collapses in defeat.

On the rooftops of Shiganshina, the Scout Regiment’s surviving members must choose whether to use a Titan injection they have in their possession to save either Armin or Commander Erwin Smith from death. Captain Levi is left with the decision, and after some deliberation, he chooses to save Armin’s life.

Armin grabs Bertholdt as he regains consciousness as a Pure Titan and begs for his life. Bertholdt is eaten alive by Armin’s Titan, which inherits the Colossal Titan power, despite his protests.

Arc of Marley | Huge Titan

The nation of Marley despatched a total of 32 reconnaissance ships to Paradis Island between 851 and 854, all of which went missing.

After being enticed into close proximity by Yelena and Onyankopon, the Colossal Titan, along with the Attack Titan, assists in this by seizing ships by morphing near or directly above them and forcing their crews to jump overboard.

During the Liberio Raid, Armin Arlelt waits in a fishing boat on the beach of Marley. As Marley’s naval forces rally to deliver reinforcements to the city’s internment zone, which is suffering heavy losses as a result of the Scout Regiment’s attacks, they spot Armin and order him back to shore, only to discover his actual identity when he takes off his hood.

He locks his gaze on them before transforming into his Colossal Titan. The blast destroys the Marleyan battleships and sends a wave of catastrophic explosive energy crashing into Liberio’s streets.

The Colossal Titan steps on all the ships after demolishing the harbour to ensure that they are all destroyed. Armin then emerges from the Titan’s neck, looks down at the carnage created by the metamorphosis, and flies up to a nearby Scout Regiment airship using his anti-personnel omni-directional mobility gear.

Trivia | Huge Titan

• A special Titan Mode was created as a tribute to the series in the game Age of Gunslingers Online. The last boss is modelled on the Colossal Titan and battled from atop a gigantic edifice. This mode’s trailer can be seen here.

• On July 5, 2019, before the San Diego Padres vs. Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game, someone dressed up as the Colossal Titan and snapped photos with Dodgers pitcher Kenta Maeda, who is wearing a Colossal Titan-designed baseball glove.

• The Colossal Titan has become one of the most recognisable iconic images of the whole Attack on Titan series since its debut appearance.

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