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Ice T And Coco Daughter and Coco Austin Stand by Viral Video of 7-Year-Old Daughter in Face of Backlash

Ice T And Coco Daughter

Ice T And Coco Daughter

Ice T And Coco Daughter and Coco Austin have taken to social media to defend their parenting abilities after coming under scrutiny yet again.

On Tuesday, the TV personality posted an Instagram reel featuring her family performing TikTok dances while wearing matching Christmas pajamas. Critics took issue with what they saw of her family’s outfits.

In one video, their 7-year-old daughter Chanel joins in the dance party by impersonating Tina Belcher from “Bob’s Burgers.”

“Gotta love family time!” the 43-year-old captioned the video. “Our adults were doing a TikTok and Chanel runs out in the middle to bust a move and make us laugh. She loves to joke,” he noted about his sister.

The video, which shows Chanel enjoying the attention of her family as they cheer her on, sparked a debate among Chanel’s followers who questioned if her dancing moves were appropriate for such an occasion.

One Instagram user shared, “This isn’t acceptable – especially on social media. There are so many sick minds out here, this child’s safety and privacy should be upheld better. However, to each their own.”

Another person commented, “That child is acting out of character. What’s wrong with you?”

One commenter expressed shock and horror at what had transpired. “SMH…this is not okay!” they added.

Austin sought to clarify the intention behind her reel when a commenter suggested Chanel’s dance moves were simply intended as “making fun of a character from Bob’s Burgers,” according to Entertainment Tonight.

Other fans rose to the defense of the longtime couple, who tied the knot in 2002.

One person commented, “Tina’s clearly doing her Tina thing if you ask me! So relax and watch some Bob’s Burgers.”

Another wrote, “She looks like she’s having fun! Stop worrying so much and cheer for Chanel!! Go Chanel go!”

Ice T And Coco Daughter, who has previously stood up against criticism from other parents, took action this time with a post on his Instagram account that read: “Everyone is going to hate you anyway… so why not give them something to hate?”

“Law & Order: SVU” star captioned his post with, “Christmas is over.. My advice? Go into 2023 with THIS attitude if you want to come out on top.”

Last month, during her appearance on “Tamron Hall Show,” Austin revealed her feelings of feeling constantly under a microscope regarding her parenting abilities. With tears in her eyes, it was clear that this experience has left her feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed.

“You live under a microscope all the time, and it can be easy to overlook your accomplishments,” Austin confided in Hall. “People only focus on the negative, and that makes it hard for me to remember all the good you do. Nonetheless, I know for a fact that I’m an incredible mother.”

Austin shared, “For six years I’ve dedicated myself to her – setting aside everything else – including my career and family.” All you really want is some love and respect from others.”

On September 20, 2021, Ice-T shared his views about people on social media criticizing parents in an interview with “The View”.

At that time, he issued “Rule One on the Internet: Do not pay attention to anything anyone says on the Internet.”

“Pay attention to those people in real life who say things to you,” Ice-T advised. “Those should be the people you worry about.” “The internet is like the world talking – it’s everywhere – so I don’t pay much attention,” he concluded. “Don’t let people dictate your happiness or well-being — focus on those in your real life.”

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