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Iglesia Ni Cristo: Know It’s Importance


Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia ni Cristo, or the Church of Christ, is one of the largest and most powerful religious movements in the world. It claims to be the true church of Jesus Christ.

Its founder, Felix Manalo, registered Iglesia ni Cristo with the Philippine government on July 27, 1914. His last message from God was to establish the first Christian church.

What is Iglesia?

Iglecia, a rapidly-growing religious group that proclaims to be the true Church of Christ, is on the rise.

Beautiful buildings are accompanied by evangelistic enthusiasm. This group isn’t the Lord’s Church, however. It has diverted from Christ’s teachings.

Iglesia ni Cristo was founded in the Philippines by Felix Manalo in 1914 and currently has over two hundred congregations across sixty-seven countries, with an expanding international presence.

Its membership is estimated to be between three million and ten million.

The Iglesia ni Cristo is led by the Executive Minister, currently Eduardo V. Manalo, who is the grandson of Felix Manalo.

Iglesia ni Cristo teaches Christians that they need special messengers in order to understand and follow the Bible.

This is a doctrine that nullifies the Scripture’s clear statement that the only source of all truth is the Bible.

What is the doctrine of Iglesia?

Fundamentalist Christian cult, the doctrine of Iglecia, claims it to be the real church.

They claim that their church was founded by God’s last messenger and it is necessary to join this Church for salvation.

Iglecia teaches that the Bible is the sole basis of faith and service to God. They also claim that baptism by immersion is the only way to be saved (Mark 16:15-16, Acts 8:38).

It is important for a person investigating Christianity to evaluate the teaching of any group against the Bible.

This is especially important with cults and false religions which claim to be the only true church.

One of the major problems with Iglecia is that they deny essential historic Christian doctrines-the Trinity and Jesus Christ’s divinity.

They also hold an almost unbreakable grip on their members, imposing a man-made path to salvation through service and works.

Iglesia’s history

Iglesia Ni Cristo, a charismatic religious organization that was founded in the Philippines in 1914 is Iglesia.

The movement is founded on the biblical interpretations of Scripture and Brother Felix Manalo’s writings.

The INC has a strong emphasis on obedience to its teachings and on family and community.

It also emphasizes the importance of prayer and meditation, as well as being a good member of society.

Iglesia ni Cristo was established by Felix Manalo, who was raised as part of the Roman Catholic Church but later experimented with different Protestant denominations and the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

He returned eventually to the original Christianity that Jesus Christ had taught.

The Iglesia ni Cristo is now the largest indigenous church of Christianity in the Philippines, with millions of members worldwide.

The founder of the Iglesia ni Cristo, Brother Felix Manalo is revered throughout the Philippines. His legacy is preserved in the Iglesia ni Cristo, which celebrates July 27 as its founding day.

What is the purpose of Iglesia?

The primary purpose of iglesia is to worship the Almighty God in a manner taught by Jesus Christ and His apostles as recorded in the Bible. The church is involved in many spiritual missions and activities.

One example of a spiritual practice offered by the Iglesia is Visita Iglesia. This is a practice of visiting churches to pray and meditate on the Passion of Christ.

Members of the church can benefit from practicing Visita Iglesia because it fosters close relationships of family, friendship and a feeling of belonging.

These are important factors for helping people deal with emotional pain, mental illness or addictions.

Another important teaching of iglesia is that the Scriptures are the sole source of faith and salvation.

However, iglesia also teaches that it is necessary to have more than just the Bible in order to fully understand it.

This teaching violates the Bible’s clear statement that the Scripture is the only necessary source to completely equip saints for every good work.

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